Tag Swap

Another tag swap I participated in this month.

Here is the Moodboard…


I took inspiration from the colours, the letters and the idea that Lady Gaga is a big voice that is very empowered and stands up for her what she believes in.  She isn’t anyones puppet.


I focused on the message that I wanted to portray this time round rather than any heavy texture or media.  This Viva Las VegaStamp! was perfect.  I also had the initial idea to be cutting the strings with scissors but I didn’t have any stamps or chipboard pieces in my stash.  I came across this saw and thought, yep it’s a little drastic, would make a mess but cutting strings is what it is all about.



As I’ve said before I am a member of the Get Messy Art Community.  This year it has taken a little back seat to Scrapbooking but I like to still be involved and create whenever I have time.  In February, there was a Swap.  A swap is where you get a name and you have to send them a little supply of things to create with.  You must use only what you have in your stash. The exercise is not supposed to cost you anymore than the cost of postage.  This particular swap was a colour swap.  You had to send a bunch of stuff in a colour of your choice.  I sent orange to my nominated person and in return from someone different I got PINK.

Within the swap stuff I received there were two handmade art journals.  A small one and a big one.  I decided that I would use my swap stuff to start the small journal and send it back to my swap buddy for her to add her bits too and keep.  I love sharing art and I thought this would be a nice way to do it.

So I made a start on every page in the little art journal but I only completely finished a few pages.  This gave a lot of room for my swap buddy to add her bit to.  I didn’t tell her I was sending it back, I wanted it to be a surprise and I know now she has received it so I am going to share the pages that I started.

This is the first page…#SHINE


I recorded a process video you can watch here.

And these are the rest of the pages….


Alice and the gift of Adventure | Tags

This month I took part in the Funky Flair Art Swap.  It’s simple, just create a tag using the moodboard as inspiration.  Simple. Then post it by the set date.

This is this months Moodboard


I of course used the colour as inspiration and the ideas of travel, adventure and Alice in Wonderland.

When thinking about how to start this tag I knew I didn’t want to Geli print again and have it look too similar to the feather and paint ones I recently finished.  As I sat at my desk the answer came to me. I had a pile of baby wipes I have used to clean up various projects and there were quite a few blue ones from my recent Geli print session. This was perfect and it added texture and interest to the tag without much effort.  I just machine stitched it into place as they were.  Crumpled and bent.  It looks awesome.  Well, I think it does.

As always, I created two tags slightly different so that I could choose the best one.

Here are both the tags I created.


The stamps are from Viva Las VegaStamps and they are awesome.  I just stamped the words with brown Stayzon Ink and the girl in black.  I then coloured her with Water colour pencils.  The fact that the ink is permanent means that it doesn’t run with you activate the pencils with water.


There are a lot of layers. Wet wipe, doily, atlas page, book page, cardboard and of course a bit of stamping.  There are only slight differences one is the girl is throwing a plane and the other the girl is reaching for the stars.  Both represent adventure.

Here are a few more close ups:

And here is the other one…

The tag I decided to swap was the one with the plane.  The plane is from Rainbow Splendour in case you are looking for some.

There is a process video you can watch it here.  It may seem in sections I am stalling but I tried to voice over as I was creating but it didn’t pick it up clearly so I had to scrap that idea.