My final card swap for 2014

This months card swap is the final for 2014. The theme was open.  So I went with something a little different…On the mend.  I had some paper in my stash that had sewing patterns on it and I thought that it went quite well with the idea of mending.  Then I added in some sewing and Ta-da.  All mended.



Recent cards…..

I have had a few birthdays, baby showers and Christening lately so I have been busy making cards.  This is a few of them.  Please excuse the lighting.

This is a baby shower one I made using some umbrella diecuts that I bought on ebay and the rest of the bits are from my stash.IMG_5320.JPG

Then there is my brothers birthday card.  He is a bit of a self confessed geek so I found this Idea on a shirt design on Pinterest and adapted it to suit a card.  This was made using a set of Stampin’ Up stamps that I picked up cheap on a facebook garage sale site and bits from my stash.IMG_5234.JPG

The last card for this share is a Christening card for my niece.  Adapted from various ideas on Pinterest but using only bits from my stash.



Everything here is Wonderful… My Scrap Mojo is back!

I have found my traditional scrapbooking mojo…this is something I have been missing for about…..umm…two years.  I have been focusing on Project Life.  I have kept up to date with techniques but following various blogs and subscribing to various magazines but I think it was the over kill of flowers stuck to a page that lost me.  But the recent trend of more of a mixed media art journal approach to pages and drawn me back.  I love the paint splotches and smears.  SO, I gave it ago and its back!  I found my mojo!


Second and final quilt

After the Mario Brothers quilt was finished I was so happy with the final result that I thought that I would give another one ago. But this time I would use bigger squares.  I found a Perler bead design on Pinterest of a Sugar skull that I liked and that I thought my other brother would like.


Having no idea how to translate the design into a quilting pattern, I decided that I would just design it and give it a go.  I emailed Dawn again ( for some advice and encourgagement.  Her suggestion was to draw it out on graph paper and work from there. So thats what I did.

365107 (2)109 (2)

Once that was sorted, I bought a whole heap of fabric and got cutting squares.  This quilt took me a lot longer to do than the mario quilt.  I think it was because I was just sewing random squares together rather than working on smaller pictures.  Plus I got bored.  But the fact that my brothers birthday was quickly approaching was the only reason I finished.

This is it…. The final product complete with baby for size comparison.  It turned out a bit bigger than I planned but I am glad that it is done and I think my quilting career is done and dusted….at least for the time being. And just for the more observant readers there are a few squares that are incorrect…I don’t know what happened and it wasn’t until I was finished that I noticed it.

340 343

Trying my hand at something new….

Dawn Lewis is a crafty figure that I have found alot of inspiration in over the past 12 months or so.  One thing that popped up on my newsfeed was that she was working on a pixel quilt that featured the old school Mario Bros.  I loved it.  I couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks.

Quilting is something that has never interested me at all but there was something about this quilt that was calling me.  I have two of my four brothers that are very into computer games and all that geeky stuff so I knew that one of them would love it.  After thinking and dreaming about this quilt for weeks I contacted Dawn for more information on the pattern and the complexity of it.  Her words to me was go for it. Maybe try one panel first and if I don’t like it I could always make it into a cushion cover.  Well, I didn’t listen.  I went out bought all the different colours and sat down cutting out the inch and a half squares.


Each panel has 324 inch and a half squares.  The pattern for anyone interested can been seen on the  My quilt design did not include all of the panels featured here.  I substituted some for other patterns I found when I googled Mario Brothers quilts.  Mario Brothers on old school Nintendo was the first computer game that my family owned when I was a kid.  Some of the characters spoke to me more than others hence my reason to change them up. Once my squares were cut it was time to get underway and start putting them together…..

147 148 149

This was a big project so this is square one….more to come.