Scrapbooking Layout – Mood Board

I love instagram.  I love that you don’t have to read anything just look at pictures.  One day while looking, I came across @society52.  It is a place where traditional scrapbookers can share ideas and layouts and complete in challenges set.  This particular weeks theme (week 19 from memory) was Scrap a mood board.  This could be scrap a googled image of a mood board in your layout or make your own.  This challenge was right up my alley.  I decided to scrap my daughters upcoming party theme.  This is my layout.

I used various Kaisercraft papers and wood veneers, A2Z scraplets diecuts, plus a whole heap of stuff from my stash.  I have made the decision to use as much of my stash as possible.  I am one of those crafters that “save” paper.  I don’t know why.  In my head I think “that is too good to use”…Why? That’s what I bought it for.  But I guess this is the million dollar question that many crafters ask themselves at one point or another.



A gift for forty…..

This year I have had a few friends turn forty.  Some have embraced it others tried to hold it off as long as possible.  The most recent was a prolonger.  So I wanted to make her something a bit light hearted.  Something I read on Pinterest….Age gets better with Alcohol.  SO, I included this saying along with a bit of alcohol encouragement in the form of cocktail mixers.  Teamed up with papers and bits from my stash and I was pretty happy with the result.


Recent cards…..

I have had a few birthdays, baby showers and Christening lately so I have been busy making cards.  This is a few of them.  Please excuse the lighting.

This is a baby shower one I made using some umbrella diecuts that I bought on ebay and the rest of the bits are from my stash.IMG_5320.JPG

Then there is my brothers birthday card.  He is a bit of a self confessed geek so I found this Idea on a shirt design on Pinterest and adapted it to suit a card.  This was made using a set of Stampin’ Up stamps that I picked up cheap on a facebook garage sale site and bits from my stash.IMG_5234.JPG

The last card for this share is a Christening card for my niece.  Adapted from various ideas on Pinterest but using only bits from my stash.



Everything here is Wonderful… My Scrap Mojo is back!

I have found my traditional scrapbooking mojo…this is something I have been missing for about…..umm…two years.  I have been focusing on Project Life.  I have kept up to date with techniques but following various blogs and subscribing to various magazines but I think it was the over kill of flowers stuck to a page that lost me.  But the recent trend of more of a mixed media art journal approach to pages and drawn me back.  I love the paint splotches and smears.  SO, I gave it ago and its back!  I found my mojo!


Second and final quilt

After the Mario Brothers quilt was finished I was so happy with the final result that I thought that I would give another one ago. But this time I would use bigger squares.  I found a Perler bead design on Pinterest of a Sugar skull that I liked and that I thought my other brother would like.


Having no idea how to translate the design into a quilting pattern, I decided that I would just design it and give it a go.  I emailed Dawn again ( for some advice and encourgagement.  Her suggestion was to draw it out on graph paper and work from there. So thats what I did.

365107 (2)109 (2)

Once that was sorted, I bought a whole heap of fabric and got cutting squares.  This quilt took me a lot longer to do than the mario quilt.  I think it was because I was just sewing random squares together rather than working on smaller pictures.  Plus I got bored.  But the fact that my brothers birthday was quickly approaching was the only reason I finished.

This is it…. The final product complete with baby for size comparison.  It turned out a bit bigger than I planned but I am glad that it is done and I think my quilting career is done and dusted….at least for the time being. And just for the more observant readers there are a few squares that are incorrect…I don’t know what happened and it wasn’t until I was finished that I noticed it.

340 343