Project Life – Week 3

There were no big events this week but lots of little things so I kept it simple. This week is a single double page spread.
I used the Summer themed cards from the Project Life App. All words were added using the Letterglow App.
This week is photo heavy so I felt that each picture needed explaining as they all come from different days and times hence the journaling on the photos.




Toddler entertainment – threading

At the end of last year I took my daughter to kindergym to let her burn off extra energy and have some one on one time. We are not going to make it this term (I’m a little bit too pregnant now to be chasing her around all the obstacles) but I got some great ideas for activities I can do at home with her. One was threading.

At the kindergym they had different coloured and shaped bead much like old cotton spools for the children to thread on to shoelaces. For some reason Miss Pops loved it. I was told it helps with their thumb and forefinger coordination which in turn helps holding a pencil when it comes time to learn to write.

After making our salt dough hand prints that went down a treat at Christmas with the grandparents, we had left over dough. Perfect for making threading beads.

After we played with it for a bit. We rolled it into balls about half to three quarters the size of a golf ball and then flatted them a bit to make discs. Once I showed Pops what to do she was able to help with this too, I just had to tidy hers up a bit after she was done. I kept them pretty rough in shape. I didn’t have the the to smooth them out in great detail. But I sit press a triangle stamp into them just for a bit of added detail. It really doesn’t matter. You could spend ages shaping them however you like. I then used a bamboo skewer to make holes in beads. The holes have to be big enough to fit what you are going to thread them on too. You could buy some shoe laces but I didn’t want to spend any money on this exercise. My plan was to thread onto some spare ribbon I have in my stash. Just tie a knot in one end of a length of ribbon and wrap some washi tape around the other to make the little stiff bit (like in shoelaces). The trick is to make this stiff bit at least double the width of your beads. It makes it a bit easier for little hands to push it through.

Once you have shaped your beads bake them in a slow oven just like the salt dough ornaments until they are dry on both sides.

Once cooked, I painted them in acrylic paint. You could modge podge them too but I find everything I modge podge goes sticky so I just left them. I did two of each colour so we can use this time to learn colours too. Once dry you are all ready to go. They do look like lollies once painted so make sure they are big so not to cause a choking hazard. Master Leo has tried a few times to eat them.


Pops had really taken to these. Much more than I actually thought she would. They are compact and easy to travel with. Ours just live in a snap lock sandwich bag.


Happy threading!

Week 2 – Project Life

Week two was full of celebration. It was our sons first birthday so it dominated this weeks double spread and its own insert.

For the weekly spread I used a combination of kits. Celebrate theme, summer theme and Hi, sunshine. I discover some new apps this week PartyParty which is great for making photo booth style photos and Aviary for stickers and decoration. I also used my favourites Snapseed and Letterglow.



For the little mans birthday double page I used the Americana themed cards. The colours tied in nicely with his theme colours.



Another week done and dusted. Keeping up so far…only fifty weeks to go. Easy!

Project Life – Week One and Belly Painting Insert

That’s week one done and dusted. I am enjoying this process more than I thought I would.

I used the Celebrate Themed cards from the Project Life app for this one along with the LetterGlow, Little Moments and Snapseed apps.



Week one also has a special double page spread. Being pregnant I have wanted to get my belly painted but didn’t want to ‘waste’ money unnecessarily. So, I thought I’d get the kids involved and let them paint my belly. We got some great pictures and both kids had fun. It was a great activity that was a bit different.


For this spread I used the Hi, Sunshine Value Kit from the Project Life app.

I’m looking forward to doing more pages. Next week will also have a second double page as its my sons first birthday. So keep an eye out for that one. He is having a moustache themed birthday.

Project Life 2015 – Has Begun!

Well, the new year has begun and this year I am giving the digital thing a go. I have committed so I am going to see it through. It’s only 52 weeks after all.

My title page is done. I’m really happy and pleased to say ‘I love it.’ It’s what I wanted it to look like and I know I would not have been able to do this with the cards and as little effort as it took. Don’t get me wrong there is a bit of time involved with playing and switching back and forward between apps for different effects (I had a few hours to kill while getting my glucose test done this week) but no where near as much time as printing photos, searching for the right cards in my stash and putting it all together.
Here it is….


The apps I used were The Project Life app by Becky Higgins, Letterglow and Snapseed.

I am just about finished my first week and a special double page spread but I will share those after my week one has officially finished tomorrow. I have opted for the 1-7 approach rather than the Sunday to Sunday week approach. Just works better for my thinking. I showed my husband my works in progress today and he had a brilliant idea…I should save them all up and print them for our mothers for Mother’s Day next year. Smart thinking 99 like I didn’t think of that already. Nonetheless, I think he was pretty impressed to see how things come together and how creative you can get with all different apps.

If you haven’t started yet, it’s not too late to get your Project Life on and record your 2015, you won’t regret it. The only thing you really ever regret is the photos you didn’t take!

Woodlands Themed Birthday

Our daughter is lucky enough to share her birthday with Christmas Eve.  Since the day she was born my husband and I made the conscious decision that Christmas Eve was a day about her.  We make sure we do limited “Christmasy” things that day.  Some family members struggle to understand this and still try to organise family Christmas get togethers for this day but we don’t go.  Some people still get upset but its Poppy day and this takes priority.  It isn’t Christmas until the 25th so all Christmas stuff can wait.

We also have a party for her the weekend before her birthday.  We do it on the weekend because the weekend works for most people but again Christmas commitments usually limits the number of people who can actually attend.  I love planning kids birthdays.  Since she was born I have looked forward to her birthday parties and spend the whole year collecting more than enough party bits to make the day special for her.

Last year her theme was Ribbons, Frills and Bows.  The colours were pastel purple and pink. (Unfortunately a problem with my computer left me with only about 15 photos of the day out of about 100) Here is one that I managed to save thanks to Social Media. I must note that the cake is totally last minute home made.  My cake maker went into hospital the week before the party and it was a bit late to arrange another.


This year the theme was Woodland.  The colours I chose was red with white polka dots.  I used Etsy to pick out an invitation that went with my theme. I recommend Etsy for all your invitation needs.  Especially if you want something a little bit fancier that what anyone can throw together in Word. The party itself was mainly family and a few friends so the food was basic finger food (cheese and crackers, sandwiches, chips) and then we had a little BBQ.

This is my food table set up….


I also make this little sign to put at the front gate with Balloons.  Its made from an old fence pailing that I saved from my dads wood heap.  I plan on using this for all future parties.


I also like to make bunting to suit.  Last years is now hanging in my daughters bedroom.  I think this one will find its way into my craft studio.


I also make a special hat from the basic party hats that everyone else gets to wear.  This year I went a bit more simple because lets face it, it only gets worn for photos.  It is not practical for a two year old to wear a hat on a jumping castle.


The last detail that I want to share is the the party bags. I made the tags from slices to tree branch and using a soldering iron, burnt in the names and added a little wood ladybug.  I figure these can be used as Christmas decorations too.


I almost forgot the cake….This year I asked my dads friend to make a cake for me.  He was a cake maker in a past life and made the most amazing cake ever. It looked so real and no one wanted to cut it.  Unfortunately, he has told everyone that he won’t be making anymore cakes and he “doesn’t have the hands for it any more” and he did this one for a “Special Little Girl”.  I am still hoping he might change his mind in future. Or at least teach me how to make them. The acrylic name is from Ollie Room.


Poppy had a wonderful day.  I haven’t decided on next years theme yet but our little Man is one this week so keep an eye out for his birthday post. If you want to see some more inspiration feel free to have a look at my Pinterest board – Poppys birthday ideas.  My Pinterest is Krisy5.

I am just waiting on Studio Calico scrapbooking kit to put together some scrapbooking pages of this day. So keep an eye out for this in coming blog posts too.

Just one final picture…She was a bit over photos by this stage but I promise she had a great day.

246 (2)

Digital scrapbooking…my thoughts

I recently (a few weeks ago) downloaded the Becky Higgins Project Life app. For those that don’t know Project Life is a form of pocket scrapbooking that claims to simplify the process of scrapbooking and allow you to record your memories quicker thus taking up less time in your life. It does this by using pocket page protectors and pre printed journal/filler cards. All you have to do is slip your photos into the pockets along with your choice of cards. It really is simple and can be jazzed up with embellishments. I have hesitated to use it because I like traditional scrapbooking.

I’ll admit, it took me a while of procrastination to give pocket scrapbooking a go when a friend (Holly from suggested it to me just before my daughter was born but I love it now. I guess I don’t like fads and wanted to make sure it was going to stick around before making the change and then finding you can’t purchase the products anymore. It turns out Holly has just been named on the 2015 creative team for Project Life so it’s fair to say she loves it and made me love it too.

The other thing is I like embellishing. I like the dimension it adds and the detail but it does take up space. It makes your albums thicker therefore you use more space storing your albums. I have the space at the moment but in five years there won’t be.

The other thing is with two children under two and another one due in the next 8 or so weeks I don’t get the time or really have the energy to spend a lot of time scrapbooking – alone! That’s another thing…the kids are happy to play at my feet while I sit on the couch and look at things on the internet or watch TV but try and do something else like cooking, craft or even cleaning and they change. Just the way that gizmos change into gremlins if you feed the after dark my children do this if they sense that you actually want to do something else other than adore them.

Queue digital scrapbooking…I’ll admit a lot of photos I take on my iphone anyway so I can sit and put together pages on one device while the kids think I’m just looking at things that won’t interest them. I can sit and use various apps to “embellish” all while still being within arms reach. Plus I can just save the pages and have them printed at a later date (when there are specials) into a slimline photo book that will take up a quarter of the space a traditional album would. They may be a bit dear to print but I think of all the savings on photos, cards and embellishments and its probably far cheaper.

So, while the kids slept after a tiring family morning, I sat down and gave it a go. At first I thought this is going to take forever. I kept pressing the wrong things and having to start over but once I worked it out it was easy. I managed to embellish too. The only catch is you can’t do too much fancying in the Project Life app. You have to save the card and then load it into whichever app you want to use, save it again and then load it back into the Project Life app. I used an app called “Letter Glow” as well as the Fatmumslim app called “Little Moments” to embellish this page.

So the verdict is I like digital scrapbooking through this app. It’s simple and effecting. It does the job and I have recorded a memory almost immediately before I forget. This being said I don’t love it – yet. I’m not committing to make the change to full digital just yet but I may have to cut back in my card collections soon to save them collecting dust.

I am going to give the concept of Project Life weekly memory preservation a go in 2015 using this app but I will finish my sons first year album the traditional Project Life way. As for the new baby well I have a few months to decide yet.

Here’s my fist page. Do let me know your thoughts.