Inchies and twinchies

Until recently I didn’t even know there was such a thing.  These are terms used for a recent swap that I participated in.  An inchie is an inch square of card decorated to a particular theme and a twinchie is two inches.  The idea is that a twinchie or inchie can be used as part of a bigger project, a card, added to a layout or used else where.

The first one I made was a twinchie to the theme of “Sewing”.  I stuck to my recent promise to myself and I stash busted.  Everything was something I had squirreled away. Measuring tape washi, button brads and handmade stamp from the Sweet Stamp shop designs.  I also included some sewing because well it fit with the theme.IMG_5050.JPG

The next was an inchie.  This was to the theme of “Ice-cream”.  I revisited embossing. And I love it. I am going to do this a lot more.IMG_5474.JPGIMG_5475.JPG

The final was a Twinchie to the theme of “Kiss”.  I used 20mm Pegs that I hand painted.




Christmas Salt Dough Ornaments

Since my daughter was born with the exception of her very first Christmas as she was less than 12 hours old (Yep she’s a poor Christmas Eve baby) I have made a salt dough ornament of her hand print to hang on the tree. Actually we make one for each set of grandparents and my brother too.

This year with two kids under two and another due in March I was concerned that if I make one hand print every year for each child there will be no room for anything else on the tree. So this is what I came up with…layered hands.


It works for us as they is just twelve months between each child so the size of hands for nicely. For the moment anyways.

The recipe is really easy 1 cup of flour to half a cup each of salt and water. Mix together and roll out flat like you would any other dough. You can also add food colouring at this stage to save on painting but I like the vibrancy of paints. I found thinner is better for quicker cooking but can be a bit more fragile if little hands get to the tree. Once mixed well press in your hand/foot/face….whatever tickles your fancy really. Remember to make your hanging hole at this stage (I just used a bamboo skewer) and you could also add textures and patterns too.

Then bake your creations in a low oven (100 degrees Celsius) for a few hours. You will notice the dry patches and wet ones as it bakes. Just keep cooking until it is all dry.

Once cooked, I like to leave for a few days to make sure it is super dry then paint in your chosen colours. This year we went a bit traditional with green, red and white. Last year we used silver and black. I used just regular acrylic paints. Then some petite alphabet stickers from Authentique and finally a thick layer of modge podge. Done. It’s super easy. You can use stickers to decorate too before your modge podge layer. Last year we used little holly stickers and just painted the name and year on.


If you have any other Christmas ideas for capturing things like hand prints please don’t hesitate to share.

Christmas Tags

Each year I make our Christmas gift tags.  I know it is cheaper and easier just to buy them but I get some satisfaction in seeing the presents all wrapped and labelled with something I created.  Plus I am the only one that bothers to put in any effort and there is usually a comment or two on Christmas day about this and it makes me feel good.IMG_5342.JPG

This year, Pinterest was again my source of inspiration. Peanut Rudolphs.IMG_5345.JPG

To make these, yes, I did purchase a whole bag of peanuts just for the shells.  I spent the good part of an hour shelling the whole bag just so that I could get the best selection of shells.

I used Heidi Swapp colour shine to colour the shells.  It worked really well and it doesn’t rub off on your hands as I thought it would.  I am definitely going to invest in some more of these.IMG_5340.JPG

And here is another close up.




More Christmas Tags that double as Christmas Decorations

Yep, this is another Pinterest idea. Cork Reindeers.

I found corks quite expensive and hard to come by.  Now I haven’t had a glass of wine in about three years due to back to back pregnancies but did you realise that most bottles of wine now have screw tops?  I didn’t but everyone I asked to collect corks for me made this comment.  I managed to get some seconds on ebay.  I like the fact that some of them are used and stained.

I used a packet of decoration hooks from the cheap shop to hold my corks together.  They were the perfect length and came pre-threaded with little beads to fancy the whole thing up.

Name frame

It was recently my nieces christening and i knew that she would get all the standard christening gifts….pewter frames and money boxes, clothes, books and toys so I wanted to make her something that would be individual.  I decided to make her a name frame.  This is an idea that my dear friend Taryn shared with me (she actually made my daughter one for her christening).


Scrapbooking Layout – Mood Board

I love instagram.  I love that you don’t have to read anything just look at pictures.  One day while looking, I came across @society52.  It is a place where traditional scrapbookers can share ideas and layouts and complete in challenges set.  This particular weeks theme (week 19 from memory) was Scrap a mood board.  This could be scrap a googled image of a mood board in your layout or make your own.  This challenge was right up my alley.  I decided to scrap my daughters upcoming party theme.  This is my layout.

I used various Kaisercraft papers and wood veneers, A2Z scraplets diecuts, plus a whole heap of stuff from my stash.  I have made the decision to use as much of my stash as possible.  I am one of those crafters that “save” paper.  I don’t know why.  In my head I think “that is too good to use”…Why? That’s what I bought it for.  But I guess this is the million dollar question that many crafters ask themselves at one point or another.


A gift for forty…..

This year I have had a few friends turn forty.  Some have embraced it others tried to hold it off as long as possible.  The most recent was a prolonger.  So I wanted to make her something a bit light hearted.  Something I read on Pinterest….Age gets better with Alcohol.  SO, I included this saying along with a bit of alcohol encouragement in the form of cocktail mixers.  Teamed up with papers and bits from my stash and I was pretty happy with the result.