Scrap the Girls – HELLO MR GREY

This months challenge at Scrap the Girls is a bit of a different one.  It’s all about Grey

August challenge 2017

And this is my take…


This is a photo of my friend, Sarah, and I at the 50 Shade Darker movie.  I thought it was fitting.

Here are a few close ups too.


Scrap the Girls July

This is my favourite moodboard of the last six months.


When I put this moodboard together I had an idea for a layout but I had no idea what photo I could use or how I could use it.  Then this layout came about.  I absolutely love it so much.



Mother | Scrap the Girls

Today I am sharing a layout that I created for this months Scrap the Girls Moodboard.   This year, I have taken creative control of the moodboards now that I am understand running the challenge blog a lot better and am not so overwhelmed with the process.  I put this moodboard together knowing that May is mothers day month.  I was initially inspired by the wire.  Here is the moodboard:

Mothers day Moodboard May 2017.jpg

So I decided to play with some wire to make a mother and child.  Then I used it on a mixed media background with a photo of my first born daughter and I when she was just six days old.

Here is my take on the challenge:


There is a process video too you can watch it below.  Wire is fun to work with, a technique I will definitely be trying again.

There is a process video too:

ART Layout

This layout I designed for Rainbow Splendour for my share this month.  I was inspired by the triangles on the pin.

So, I used impasto paste through a Flutterby Designs stencil and then sprayed co-coordinating colours of Colour Blast Colour Spray over the top.  The trick is to make sure you dry each colour before adding the next.  This limits the amount of colour mixing that happens.  It still mixes just not as much.

image1 (2).JPG

For some reason this photo looks a little dull but in real life it is pretty cool.

Here are a few close ups too:

image2 (2).JPG



Adventure + OH Neigh | Flutterby Design Team Share

Today I am sharing two layouts that pushed the boundaries on the new “Fur-ever Friends” Collection.  I went back and looked through thousands of photos to see which ones had animals in them.  We don’t have any pets so I had to find alternatives.

This is what I came up with.  The first layout is of my daughters first visit to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.  Lone Pine is a small animal sanctuary in the heart of Brisbane.  It is a  great place to take kids at is is not too big and you can get a yearly pass fairly cheap.  That means that you can justify going there and only spending an hour or two at a time makes it easy to tire the kids out and you still have enough money left over for new Scrappy supplies you have been eyeing off in the Flutterby Shop.

I will apologise now for the low light of my photos.  It seems when we have really hot bright days, I cannot photograph layouts.  Stained glass windows look great but are a bitch to work with.  The light just doesn’t work and outside is not an option as our house is painted blue and this really kills any natural light.

Here is my first layout.

To read about the process and products head over to the Flutterby Designs Blog and check it out.

Now on to my next layout.  Another series of photos that I found was this of my first Melbourne Cup as a mother.  I loved Melbourne Cup before kids not that I ever really put on a bet.  But I love fascinators and the excitement.  This is my first time going to a Luncheon and it was great fun.

This whole layout is based around the Oh Neigh card from the “Fur-ever Friends” Everyday Etc Cards.



Well, I hope I have inspired you to use your cards a bit differently.  Please share what you create on the Flutterby Inspiration HQ page.  I’d love to see them.

Krisy xx

Flutteby Designs DT Share | Love & Turtley Awesome.


Snapchat is an app that has been real popular on a lot of Scrapbooking Layouts of late and my husband has been snapchatting his work buddies for a while but I never really saw the point of it.  But I needed animal photos and this was the best way to get some with meaningful stories behind them.  The reason I decided to download Snapchat was because my son was having a very hard time adjusting to his older sister starting kindy.  He was very very sad.  I had to try and find little things that he and I could do (and his little sister who was yet to step into big sister shoes) and take his mind off the fact that it was only 8.45am, she had only been gone 15 minutes and he had to wait until 2.30pm for her to come home.

To read all about the process and products head over and check out the Flutterby Designs Blog.

Here are a few close ups:


Here is another layout where I used Snapchat photos.

I made this layout more about the rainbow of colours. It is a bright fun layout that makes my son smile.


Thanks for stopping by today.

Krisy xx

Make Me Beautiful

Today I am sharing my Scrap the Girls Design Team Layout for this month.

This month the challenge was “First, let me take a Selfie”


And here is my take on the challenge.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

There is a process video on POPLEOPOD YouTube so I won’t go into all the details you can just watch me create it.  So check it out and let me know what you think.

Oh, and here are a few close ups:



Wild at Heart | Altered Canvas for Colour Blast Australia

Today I am sharing an altered canvas that I have created back in July but I have been saving it until now to share.  It turned out pretty good and the whole process was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.  The hardest thing is waiting for layers to dry.


For this project, I decided to give photo transfer a go.  The only thing is I don’t have a printer at home so I asked my husband to print a photo at work with a laser printer.  He wasn’t sure if he had one and I am still not sure the print was printed on a laser printer as the actual transfer process didn’t work as easy as the tutorials I watched on YouTube.

I added heaps of recycled embellishments and bits that I had been hoarding to this canvas.  I really love the depth of texture and details.

Here you can see a bottle cap and some of the chipboard and lace embellishments under all the colour.


I left all the tails of the hot glue gun as I liked what they added to the finished piece.  They look a lot like threads all over or even cobwebs.  No need to dust it later on 😛

I used a whole heap of Colour Blast Products on this piece.  I used Colour Sprays, Shimmer Sprays, Embossing powder and the Texture paste.  Every product added a little bit more to the piece.

Here’s a tip: The Colour Paste can also be added directly to metal embellishments without any need to prime them.  Here you can see I added it to this metal butterfly.

I then added black and white drawing ink splatters and a bit of Royalty Colour Shimmer Spray in splatters to tone down the white. ( I went a little cray cray) Finally I added some more metal embellishments and a quote cut into strips.  The quote is from the very first Kit the Habit Kit called Brave.  That was one of my favourite kits.  The other thing I did was add a chipboard title.  This one is from Imaginarium Designs.  I coated it in two layers of Bling Embossing Powder to make sure it was super shiny and really stood out.

I have wanted to make one of these for ages.  They look more complicated than they actually are.  So give it a go.  I also created a process video you can check out here.

Scrap and Chat Retreat – A mums’ Escape – PART 3 RETREAT

The morning of retreat started early.  At about 4.30Am. Our flight was at 8 but we live an hour from the airport and we have three small children to bundle into the car too.

Once at the airport the reality set it.  I checked my baggage and made my way to the gate to meet up with the other girls travelling from Queensland.  We all booked the same flight and cluster of seats. It was awesome seeing these people in real life!


img_2029 When we arrive in Melbourne we met up with some South Australian travellers and we all got a Mini bus up to the hills.  They also made a pit stop to pick up supplies – drinks, nibbles etc.


Then it was on to Scrap and Chat Retreat:


I should note that Scrap and Chat is not a budget retreat, there is no bunk beds or shared showers and you are fed very well. This is the Lodge we stayed in:

I was totally blown away to be honest.  The amount of space we were all allocated was awesome.  Two per table.  The ladies we were sat with were freaking awesome.  Mal did such a great job pairing she should become a wedding seating planner!  She’d nail that position. The room was huge and to have a Scrapbooking Store onsite in Scrapbooking from Scratch was AWESOME.


The first night we went out for dinner at a local restaurant which this year coming has been scrapped.  The time and effort was too great and the extra cost for on site dinner is definitely worth it.  I, and almost everyone that attended agreed, we are there together and to scrap so why go out.

The retreat is so laid back, you can scrap a little or a lot, wear your Pyjamas all day and your slippers.  No one cares AT ALL!


Now for the classes: These are additional costs but totally fun!  I did 2 of the 3 on offer.  No one makes you feel bad if you choose to stay behind and work on your own stuff (you are not the only one).  These are photos from one of the classes I did with Lisa Oxley.  The teachers are awesome too.

We had a night of around the world art.  Where each person had a few minutes to add something to someone elses page and then pass it on.  This was an awesome exercise even if I opted out early due to a very late night/early morning the night before.  There was only 2 of us left standing the night before…come on… don’t judge!


Dress up night: This year was on the Saturday night and we all agree the Friday would be better as it is awful trying to recover on the Sunday and pack up but almost everyone dressed up and really went all out.  We were even graced with a performance from Hall and Oates.


I think many attendees were squeezing really hard to hold in their pee…



Now lets move on to the food.  The food was FREAKING amazeballs. Check these photos out and tell me you are not hungry afterwards.

Every single thing on the menu was delicious!  Plus all dietary requirements were catered for and I am told were very good.

The days were spent scrapping and drinking and laughing and generally connecting with people that shared the same interest.


Oh and if you have a birthday, don’t worry you’ll be covered….Just ask Amanda ( the most awesome room buddy eva!)


If you are a mum and considering a retreat do it.  It will recharge you something fierce not only for scrapping but human living!  You can always Facetime thanks to modern technology…And men seem to be more capable than they would like to have you believe when its Saturday afternoon and the footy is on and all they want is a beer.  My kids all survived the weekend as did so many others.


I’m sure this photo sums up how most people walked away from Scrap and Chat feeling.


2017 Scrap and Chat was mainly filled by 2016 attendees and the remaining spots were snapped up within days and a waiting list as long as you are was made.  This is an awesome retreat and if you ever have the chance to go on any retreat do it.  This was my first and I am booked to do atleast 2 more this year.  The about of creative energy alone that you absorb by just being around these people is totally worth it.  I am counting down to July.

I met new people, met people in real life that I had only ever spoken to on the web and spent time with friends I now talk to on almost a daily basis.


Photos: Some by me, some by Sue Plumb, Some by Anthea English

I almost forgot…There is a video too:

Scrap and Chat Retreat – A mums’ Escape – PART TWO 23 Kilos, Seriously!

By this point I am 2 days out from leaving.  I have overcome my mum guilt that I talked about in Part One and I was freaking excited. I tried not to think about packing for retreat until just before it.  The thought overwhelmed me and the fact that it was in another state and I had a baggage limit made it all seem too hard.  I mean 23 kgs, Seriously!  What a random number and how was I going to make sure I didn’t take too much crap I didn’t need? I asked questions, read blogs Amanda Hartmann has a good post but to be honest – making kits was too limiting to me.  So, after much thought and procrastination, this is what I decided….

I sorted out what minimal clothes I was going to take then. Added the essentials, Glue, scissors, double sided tape, stamp pad, ruler, pens.  Then I stopped and looked at what I used most and threw them in.  My brand new Viva Las VegaStamps!, my art journal, White Cardstock, Black Cardstock, texture paste then I added inks and paints.

This is what my supplies looked like stacked:


When I posted this photo in the Facebook group everyone was amaze by how little I had.  Seriously, I thought I overpacked.

This is a breakdown of my Supplies

My clothes it was only for 4 days: One things that are missing from this photo is my slippers.  I lived in them! And a brand new pair of Flannel pyjamas. Oh and my dress up costume.  But you will see that in the fully packed bag.


This is my hand luggage – I hit the weight limit for that.


This is my full kit and kaboodle all packed.  I weighed in at 22ish kg.  But I will not my suit case is about 10 years old and not the 2.3kg when empty like I see a lot of people buying and pushing through the shopping centre.  I think that baby is about 5kg empty.  That bag at the top right is my dress up costumedsc01408

All packed –


Some things to note: I packed just the right about of clothes.  I was warm and had enough clean underwear.  Coming from Queensland I was concerned I would freeze.  But I was warm in the lodge. I didn’t go outside much so the cold never bothered me. Another thing is: I didn’t need to take a book to read on the plan because 1. I was too busy talking or 2. reading magazines like Flow and Frankie that I struggle to get locally.

Another thing: I used some of everything that I packed so I was glad that I didn’t take things just because. And I bought home some Dylusions paints and was still under weight – Only just! But next time I will take some zip lock bags for paints as one of my colours leaked in my luggage on the way home.

Now, I am all packed, it’s time to leave the family behind,let my hair down and hang with my Tribe.  Stay tuned for Part 3: RETREAT