Scrap and Chat Retreat – A mums’ Escape – PART 3 RETREAT

The morning of retreat started early.  At about 4.30Am. Our flight was at 8 but we live an hour from the airport and we have three small children to bundle into the car too.

Once at the airport the reality set it.  I checked my baggage and made my way to the gate to meet up with the other girls travelling from Queensland.  We all booked the same flight and cluster of seats. It was awesome seeing these people in real life!


img_2029 When we arrive in Melbourne we met up with some South Australian travellers and we all got a Mini bus up to the hills.  They also made a pit stop to pick up supplies – drinks, nibbles etc.


Then it was on to Scrap and Chat Retreat:


I should note that Scrap and Chat is not a budget retreat, there is no bunk beds or shared showers and you are fed very well. This is the Lodge we stayed in:

I was totally blown away to be honest.  The amount of space we were all allocated was awesome.  Two per table.  The ladies we were sat with were freaking awesome.  Mal did such a great job pairing she should become a wedding seating planner!  She’d nail that position. The room was huge and to have a Scrapbooking Store onsite in Scrapbooking from Scratch was AWESOME.


The first night we went out for dinner at a local restaurant which this year coming has been scrapped.  The time and effort was too great and the extra cost for on site dinner is definitely worth it.  I, and almost everyone that attended agreed, we are there together and to scrap so why go out.

The retreat is so laid back, you can scrap a little or a lot, wear your Pyjamas all day and your slippers.  No one cares AT ALL!


Now for the classes: These are additional costs but totally fun!  I did 2 of the 3 on offer.  No one makes you feel bad if you choose to stay behind and work on your own stuff (you are not the only one).  These are photos from one of the classes I did with Lisa Oxley.  The teachers are awesome too.

We had a night of around the world art.  Where each person had a few minutes to add something to someone elses page and then pass it on.  This was an awesome exercise even if I opted out early due to a very late night/early morning the night before.  There was only 2 of us left standing the night before…come on… don’t judge!


Dress up night: This year was on the Saturday night and we all agree the Friday would be better as it is awful trying to recover on the Sunday and pack up but almost everyone dressed up and really went all out.  We were even graced with a performance from Hall and Oates.


I think many attendees were squeezing really hard to hold in their pee…



Now lets move on to the food.  The food was FREAKING amazeballs. Check these photos out and tell me you are not hungry afterwards.

Every single thing on the menu was delicious!  Plus all dietary requirements were catered for and I am told were very good.

The days were spent scrapping and drinking and laughing and generally connecting with people that shared the same interest.


Oh and if you have a birthday, don’t worry you’ll be covered….Just ask Amanda ( the most awesome room buddy eva!)


If you are a mum and considering a retreat do it.  It will recharge you something fierce not only for scrapping but human living!  You can always Facetime thanks to modern technology…And men seem to be more capable than they would like to have you believe when its Saturday afternoon and the footy is on and all they want is a beer.  My kids all survived the weekend as did so many others.


I’m sure this photo sums up how most people walked away from Scrap and Chat feeling.


2017 Scrap and Chat was mainly filled by 2016 attendees and the remaining spots were snapped up within days and a waiting list as long as you are was made.  This is an awesome retreat and if you ever have the chance to go on any retreat do it.  This was my first and I am booked to do atleast 2 more this year.  The about of creative energy alone that you absorb by just being around these people is totally worth it.  I am counting down to July.

I met new people, met people in real life that I had only ever spoken to on the web and spent time with friends I now talk to on almost a daily basis.


Photos: Some by me, some by Sue Plumb, Some by Anthea English

I almost forgot…There is a video too:


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