Scrap and Chat Retreat – A mums’ Escape – PART TWO 23 Kilos, Seriously!

By this point I am 2 days out from leaving.  I have overcome my mum guilt that I talked about in Part One and I was freaking excited. I tried not to think about packing for retreat until just before it.  The thought overwhelmed me and the fact that it was in another state and I had a baggage limit made it all seem too hard.  I mean 23 kgs, Seriously!  What a random number and how was I going to make sure I didn’t take too much crap I didn’t need? I asked questions, read blogs Amanda Hartmann has a good post but to be honest – making kits was too limiting to me.  So, after much thought and procrastination, this is what I decided….

I sorted out what minimal clothes I was going to take then. Added the essentials, Glue, scissors, double sided tape, stamp pad, ruler, pens.  Then I stopped and looked at what I used most and threw them in.  My brand new Viva Las VegaStamps!, my art journal, White Cardstock, Black Cardstock, texture paste then I added inks and paints.

This is what my supplies looked like stacked:


When I posted this photo in the Facebook group everyone was amaze by how little I had.  Seriously, I thought I overpacked.

This is a breakdown of my Supplies

My clothes it was only for 4 days: One things that are missing from this photo is my slippers.  I lived in them! And a brand new pair of Flannel pyjamas. Oh and my dress up costume.  But you will see that in the fully packed bag.


This is my hand luggage – I hit the weight limit for that.


This is my full kit and kaboodle all packed.  I weighed in at 22ish kg.  But I will not my suit case is about 10 years old and not the 2.3kg when empty like I see a lot of people buying and pushing through the shopping centre.  I think that baby is about 5kg empty.  That bag at the top right is my dress up costumedsc01408

All packed –


Some things to note: I packed just the right about of clothes.  I was warm and had enough clean underwear.  Coming from Queensland I was concerned I would freeze.  But I was warm in the lodge. I didn’t go outside much so the cold never bothered me. Another thing is: I didn’t need to take a book to read on the plan because 1. I was too busy talking or 2. reading magazines like Flow and Frankie that I struggle to get locally.

Another thing: I used some of everything that I packed so I was glad that I didn’t take things just because. And I bought home some Dylusions paints and was still under weight – Only just! But next time I will take some zip lock bags for paints as one of my colours leaked in my luggage on the way home.

Now, I am all packed, it’s time to leave the family behind,let my hair down and hang with my Tribe.  Stay tuned for Part 3: RETREAT




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