Scrap and Chat Retreat – A mums’ Escape – PART ONE Planting the seed

Back in August 2015, I saw a post pop up on my Facebook feed saying that places on a retreat in Melbourne would be open soon.  My thoughts were there was no way my husband would let me go plus we had three children the youngest just about 4 months old but something made me want to go.  So, I messaged my husband at work to see what he thought.  You know, plant the seed.  His message back was “when is it?”.  I replied July 2016.  His reply was, “Krisy, that is 11 months away, you won’t still be breastfeeding then and everyone will be fine, I can look after them.  Just book it if you really want to do it.”  I didn’t book straight away.  I sat contemplating for another day.  Could I leave my kids?  Could I really afford it?  Then the next day I decided “Just do it”. So I booked and paid my deposit.

That retreat was Scrap and Chat run by Malinda Gardner.  I had never heard of it before but in was in Melbourne (I desperately want to go a plane again, it had been years!), it was Scrapbooking and it was with people who love Scrapbooking.


I then spend the next 11 months paying the fee off in bits and pieces.  I was lucky enough that year to have a few layouts published in Scrapbooking Memories magazine plus my birthday and Christmas money went straight to that trip.  It’s funny what you can afford when you really focus on it.  I had a tally and I counted down all my fees and put money away for the classes too.  I literally paid it off $20 here, $50 there.  It was painfully slow but thankful Mal is great like that and lets everyone pay it off.

After I booked, I looked at who was going.  I remember seeing names like Amanda Hartmann, Sandra Brimelow and Charmaine Kosh. One name I remember seeing and being a bit in awe was Sue Plumb.  I had admired her work for such a long time as she is very much a staple in Scrapbooking Memories Magazine.  We had chatted over the internet and I knew I loved her before I actually met her in real life. Little did I know about 8 months later I would be meeting her and my idol (Fiona Paltridge) at a workshop in Brisbane and that would be the start of a friendship I hold very dear.  I remember saying to my husband “Did you know Sue Plumb is going to be there?”  His response, “Where? And I don’t know who Sue is!”  Oops, I forgot about that.

This is Sue and I meeting for the first time in person at a workshop in April 2016.


Then in February, the message went out – Qantas had a sale on and now was the time to book.  I booked my flights.  That was it.  I was freaking going!  Well, I was before but now it was real.  My butt was on that plane.

The next thing was what to pack?  I’ll go into that tomorrow in PART TWO


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I am a Art maker and Memory Keeper. I am a mother of three with glitter in her veins.

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