Scrap the Girls | December Moodboard

Today I am sharing my December Scrap the Girls Moodboard Layout.  I love this moodboard so much but I found it really hard to work with.   Here it is here:


I think it is because I really liked it and wanted to make sure the layout was awesome.  So, after much mucking about and printing too many photos, this is what I settled on.


It is a photo from my daughters first birthday.  Her them was “She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes” – Pink and white. So really this moodboard suited that. This background piece of paper I have had in my stash for something like 8 years I think.  It is one of those sheets that you purchase because it was so pretty but really you had no idea what to do with it.  Well, as part of my realisation you need to use pretty stuff to make pretty stuff, I bit the bullet and actually used it.

In keeping with my true style, I added a bit of mixed media – quite a bit actually.  Gold is such a pretty colour to work with but such a hard colour to photograph with all the shine.

I added lots of layers to the background, There is texture, glitter and of course gold.  Then I added some gold paper from my scraps pile, some actual paper straws that were part of the décor at the party and some sequins.  Let’s face it when you look at that moodboard it is all about sequins.

Here are a few close ups.

There is a process video too, you can watch it here.



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