Comic Pinterest Idea #winning

Just a quick share today, it was one of my brothers birthdays recently and he is a self confessed geek, so I had to make him something that was personal to him.  I have Pinterest to thank for the original idea…you can see the pins on my pin board called Geek Stuff but here is the first part of my present…


I should have photographed it before putting the glass in the frame but you can see what I was getting at.  I know I could have drawn the circles neater and same with the star but I wanted it to look more handmade and not just printed off the computer so I deliberately left it like this.

I then took the idea one step further.  He (my brother) claims to be a booty man, (not that he would actually know what to do with a decent booty if he actually managed to get his hands on one), so I created some booties of some of Marvels ladies.  Most of them are villans and if there was another more dominant batman lady I would have swapped out wonder woman but I it turned out pretty good.  I am not 100% happy on Catwoman but it was a case of step away or be committed to that ward where Harley Quinn met the Joker (you see my comic book research paid off with that reference.  I started with no idea where Harley Quinn fit into the whole Joker scenario but now I know)


Again I should have photographed everything before it was put in the frame but I wasn’t thinking.

Here are a few close ups.

All these are canvas boards painted with plain old cheap acrylics and a bit of Flutterby Designs Flutter paint.


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