As I’ve said before I am a member of the Get Messy Art Community.  This year it has taken a little back seat to Scrapbooking but I like to still be involved and create whenever I have time.  In February, there was a Swap.  A swap is where you get a name and you have to send them a little supply of things to create with.  You must use only what you have in your stash. The exercise is not supposed to cost you anymore than the cost of postage.  This particular swap was a colour swap.  You had to send a bunch of stuff in a colour of your choice.  I sent orange to my nominated person and in return from someone different I got PINK.

Within the swap stuff I received there were two handmade art journals.  A small one and a big one.  I decided that I would use my swap stuff to start the small journal and send it back to my swap buddy for her to add her bits too and keep.  I love sharing art and I thought this would be a nice way to do it.

So I made a start on every page in the little art journal but I only completely finished a few pages.  This gave a lot of room for my swap buddy to add her bit to.  I didn’t tell her I was sending it back, I wanted it to be a surprise and I know now she has received it so I am going to share the pages that I started.

This is the first page…#SHINE


I recorded a process video you can watch here.

And these are the rest of the pages….



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I am a Art maker and Memory Keeper. I am a mother of three with glitter in her veins.


  1. So glad you posted about this! I loved receiving it but I was so new to art journaling swaps I didn’t know I was supposed to add to it! D’oh! I’m going to add to it and post about it! Yay! It’s like I got a second gift!


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