Alice and the gift of Adventure | Tags

This month I took part in the Funky Flair Art Swap.  It’s simple, just create a tag using the moodboard as inspiration.  Simple. Then post it by the set date.

This is this months Moodboard


I of course used the colour as inspiration and the ideas of travel, adventure and Alice in Wonderland.

When thinking about how to start this tag I knew I didn’t want to Geli print again and have it look too similar to the feather and paint ones I recently finished.  As I sat at my desk the answer came to me. I had a pile of baby wipes I have used to clean up various projects and there were quite a few blue ones from my recent Geli print session. This was perfect and it added texture and interest to the tag without much effort.  I just machine stitched it into place as they were.  Crumpled and bent.  It looks awesome.  Well, I think it does.

As always, I created two tags slightly different so that I could choose the best one.

Here are both the tags I created.


The stamps are from Viva Las VegaStamps and they are awesome.  I just stamped the words with brown Stayzon Ink and the girl in black.  I then coloured her with Water colour pencils.  The fact that the ink is permanent means that it doesn’t run with you activate the pencils with water.


There are a lot of layers. Wet wipe, doily, atlas page, book page, cardboard and of course a bit of stamping.  There are only slight differences one is the girl is throwing a plane and the other the girl is reaching for the stars.  Both represent adventure.

Here are a few more close ups:

And here is the other one…

The tag I decided to swap was the one with the plane.  The plane is from Rainbow Splendour in case you are looking for some.

There is a process video you can watch it here.  It may seem in sections I am stalling but I tried to voice over as I was creating but it didn’t pick it up clearly so I had to scrap that idea.



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