Scrapbooking Top 50 Block Challenge Week 1 – Bedrooms

To be honest, when this came up on my Facebook feed I had a brief glance then saw that you had to sign up and skipped over it.  I wasn’t ready to commit.  Then it kept popping up and more and more people were signing up.  I thought it was time to go back and see what it was all about.  It really wasn’t that complicated as it seemed at a glance.  All it was was a different way of presented a weekly moodboard.  I have some spare time since I am ahead in my DT committments so I thought, “Yep, I can do that” and I signed up.

I wanted to blog about the experience and the challenges as they were/are pretty awesome and it is a great idea.

This week was Bedroom week.  The block always starts with a bedroom, they need somewhere to sleep right?!? So, each week we are presented with two challenges inspired by a particular room of the house.


Challenge 1:


I loved the triangles and the “Kraft” brown so I took these as my main inspiration.  I even hand carved my own triangle stamps.


There is a video too:


Next up Challenge 2:


I took inspiration from the photo on the wall.


There is also a process video for this one too:


There is also a mini photo challenge each week.  With the mini challenge you only have until the Wednesday to submit your entry and you get a bonus point if you use it on any of your layouts over the six weeks of challenges.  The mini photo challenge is also inspired by a prompt. This week this was the prompt.


And this was my photo:



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