Today | Rainbow Slendour Challenge

Today I am sharing my take on this months Rainbow Splendour Challenge.  I was lucky enough last month to score one of the Sail Away kits, so I decided to use that in my challenge.

Here is the challenge:IMG_2788.PNG

Here is my take on the challenge.img_3002

You can’t see it too well but my sprinkle of colour is gold ink splatters and a bit of green in the hearts to tie it all together.  My video didn’t download properly again, (I hope its not my new equipment) so there is no video.

I have to make special mention of the bottle cap…The centre was designed by My2Angels and I was lucky enough that Tracey agreed to sell me just the circles as I have so many bottlecaps that I have been saving.  I just love the image and I love bottle caps.  I have been saving them because I was afraid if I used them all I might not ever get any more.  What was I thinking!?!

Here are a few close ups. You can see the Bow, tag and some of the wood veneer and the sprinkles in this photo.  So I nailed the brief.


These boats and planes wood veneer are so stinking cute.  I love them so hard.

I added a few Charm Creations too.  They work so well with the layout.  I DIY’d the chevron with the same water colours I used on the background.  The triangle stamps I carved myself.



I have been saving this Flutterby DesignsFlutterby Designs flair too.  This was the perfect page for it.



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