The Masters Phone call…


This Blog post was written on the 5 August 2015…

Before the Scrapbooking Memories Masters Challenge was released, I googled the Previous masters by using the words – Scrapbooking Memories Masters. A range of blog posts came up.  People sharing their previous masters entries that were not successful, others sharing successful ones but there was one in particular that I read, I couldn’t tell you now who it was but I it was that Masters recap of the day that she received ‘THE CALL’.  I remember reading it and holding my breath with her as I read it.  She mentioned that she had heard that if you were a winner you would receive a call before 10 or 11, I can’t remember which but it was around that time of the morning.  She said she checked her phone so many times but got caught up doing something else when she got the call. Then she did and she did a happy dance. I want to share my version of this event plus I don’t want to forget the process of this significant event in my Creative Life so here it is my recap.  I wrote this post days after it actually happened although I am not sharing it until now due to Confidentially and the Official Announcement and well life and I wanted to save it really. So here it is…

On the 3 August, I had a follow up specialist appointment after my hernia surgery in early July so, my phone was on silent. My appointment was at 10.15 but in true doctor style it was already 10.35 and the person before me had just gone in. While in the waiting room my daughter Poppy asked for my phone to play a game while we were waiting.  While were are waiting for appointments is she is allowed to play games on my phone so I didn’t hesitate reaching into the pram pocket to pull out my phone as she climbed up on the seat beside me.  As I handed her my phone, I watched her unlock it to see 4 missed calls.  3 were my husband (I later found out it was nothing important, he had left work for an hour to go meat shopping had had dropped it a home and wanted me to bag it up and put in in the freezer – BORING) and there was one (02) number.  My heart skipped a beat.  I didn’t recognise the number but could it be?!

On the Friday before, I had read a Facebook post on Scrapbooking Memories saying that they were in the process of choosing the 2015 Masters. Had they finalised them already? I was next to be called in to see the doctor so I couldn’t return the phone call right away.  The next 10 minutes were long!  I was in and out of that check-up so quick.  As soon as I was outside that doctors door, I returned that phone call.  I couldn’t even wait until I was in the car.  I was in the silent hall way, three kids strapped into a pram that were desperate to get out but I had to put an end to the curiosity.

I held my breath as the phone rang. The answer was “Hello, Scrapbooking Memories, Vanessa speaking.” Holy Moly, Freaking Serious, Oh My God, Really?!?… was my thoughts. My response was “Hi, Vanessa this is Krisy and I have a missed call from you!?!” I was still holding my breath.  She said , “I was just phoning to Congratulate you. You are one of our Masters…..”  I don’t know what she said after that but I know I kept saying “Are you serious?” I tried so hard not to scream.  That hospital hall was so quiet and I know the squeal that I did let out had various receptionists behind closed door looking out to see what was going on and I did buckle over with my head down. Poppy even asked “What’s wrong mum?” as I held back tears.

That phone call only lasted a minute. Long enough for Vanessa to say something about Confidentiality and not disclosing to anyone and that an email would be sent with further information and that was pretty much it. Probably because there is only so many times one can hear “Oh My God!” and Vanessa had to hear it over 10 phone calls that morning.  I think I said it a million times myself plus the fact that I couldn’t hear or understand anything else from that 60 seconds.  But I tell you, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for the entire day.

I did break the confidentiality and phoned my husband straight away although I made him promise not to tell anyone! Who would he tell anyways was my thoughts…his fellow football obsessed Male PE Teachers at an all boys school…Like they would care if he actually did.  So that is is my minute so excitement.  I hope you get the call this year.


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