Funky Art Tag Swap

This month I am participating in another art tag swap since I enjoyed the Scrapping Clearly one so much last month.

This is the inspiration moodboard for this one…


I decided I wanted to try and replicate the blue flowers with the colours behind so that’s what I did.  I set about creating a colourful background using my Gelli Arts Gelli Plate and then I used an embossing folder to stamp over the top.  It worked out better than I expected.


As with anytime I mono print, I made quite a few prints just to get the right one for the job.  The embellishment over the top is really simple really.  All the work went into the background.

Here is a close up of the background print:


I created 2 as I really wanted to use a Funky Flairs Flair Button on it but I couldn’t get it to work with all my ideas so I balanced all my ideas amongst two tags.  They both turned out really great.  So great I had to message my dear friend Sue, to decide which one would be the one I send on to my Swap buddy.

This one was the winner.


You can watch a process video below.  If you haven’t Gelli printed before – you are missing out!  If you don’t want to spend the money…you are crazy these are definitely a great investment into mixed media art.



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