DIY Shrinkie Dinks – Do they work?

So. My husband thinks I have a problem.  I used to collect bits and pieces in the kitchen that may come in handy one day on various art projects. I generally would transfer them to my Scrapbooking room pretty quickly.

Then one day I decided I needed a jar.  That way I could keep things together and I wouldn’t have to make as many trips down stairs.  It has been working really well for a few weeks now.  That is until this week.  This week my collection has grown bigger than the container.  I had starting tucking donut packaging down behind the jar.  My husbands words to me were….”What the hell is this for now?  I think you have a hoarding issue now?!”  My response was, “Shrinkie Dinks.  You know like when you were a kid.  I saw a video and if they work they might be a nice addition to my journals.  I have to try it…   Here!  Give it to me and I will take it down stairs into my room.”

Now, my Scrap room, although messy to the untrained eye, is relatively tidy and shrinking in unnecessary crap at the moment (due to some online sales and rearranging so I can actually see whats there and use it) so, I knew these things couldn’t stay in there too long. See… I don’t have an issue its just a lack of time to get my ideas created. I had to try this idea out and cross it off my list of things to try/do.  So this morning, I gathered my things together upstairs in my kitchen (hence the really poor lighting) and put this theory to the test. (See again, a quick turn around.  I like to get stuff done and out of the way.)

A basic run down of the idea is to shrink stamped images that are stamped on to the plastic packaging bakery goods come in particularly donuts.  There is a video doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment (that was my inspiration) I roughly converted the temperature but probably didn’t take enough notice that my oven is fan forced and this probably had an effect on the results, I’m not sure.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a fan forced oven these days. I’m thinking at this point a bit of YouTube research probably would have helped but it’s too late now.

Overall, it was a bit of fun and it a way it worked but not like I’d hoped it would.  I might try them again and use them on some journals. Perhaps with a lower temperature?  I’m not sure. It’s checked off my to do list for now.

I filmed the process so you can try it out if you like.  You can watch it here.


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