Altered Wrap and Tags

Last weekend, I taught a Colour Blast class at Colour Blast HQ.  I always like to hand out a little gift or two to some of my class attendees.  To make the gifts more my style, I always like to make my own paper and tags.


This was a Colour Blast class so I wanted to showcase the Colour Blast Products.  I chose to go with the newest addition to the range the Shimmer Dust.  Like always I wanted to think outside of the box on how these can be use.


So to start, I mixed up some colour on my messy mat.  Just a tiny bit of powder and some water.  I then pulled out my VivaLasVegaStamps and stamped away on some old packaging brown paper I had been saving for just this sort of project.  I used the Candy red as my first layer. By stamping with the Shimmer Dust as a water colour you don’t get a nice clean image but more of a grungy one. Once it was dry, I then stamped using the same stamp and some Midnight Shimmer Dust for a nice contrast.  I love the grunge look you get by stamping this way.

I wanted my cards to match my paper so I used some basic tags I got from Kmart.  Yep, Kmart.  Then I added a torn strip of cardboard that I had shredded to create some extra texture.  Using the Shimmer Dust as a paint I added some along the edges with a really wet brush.  To help it “bleed” I added some more water directly to the tag.  I then dried it thoroughly.  It must be completely dry between colours as this stops the colours mixing too much.  Then I added some Midnight Shimmer Dust in the same way and then dried it with my heat gun.  I also added some embossing using another stamp from this VLVS range.  I embossed it with Dusty Charcoal Embossing Powder.

To finish the tag, I stamped the same image I used on the wrapping paper onto some white cardstock using Stayzon ink and then I fussy cut it.  I attached the Chevron to the tag using my tiny attacher.  Using another stamp from VLVS I stamped my sentiment and then cut it out.  I felt like they needed a little bit more so I added these little wood lady bugs I had in my stash left over from my daughters first birthday 2 years ago.

I made each card a little different and it made my smile on the day to hear to two friends discussing who was going to keep it.

Here are some individual pictures:

To this tag I added a little left over piece of cheesecloth for some contrast.


And to this one I added a few hessian threads that were laying around on my desk.


Thanks to everyone that attended my class.



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