Coloured Ink Ladies | Colour Blast Design Team

Earlier this month I shared my ink ladies using only black Shimmer Dust ink.  Today I am sharing another take on this process in my art journal.

For these ladies I didn’t mix the colours in advance.  I used the same process of taking a large brush but instead of applying colour to the page, I applied just water.  Once I was happy with my water, I took a small disposable pipette I purchased off ebay and puffed some powders onto the water.  To puff the powder, you must make sure you squeezing and holding the pipette before poking it into the powder, once in the powder let it go to suck in the powder.  Then gently squeeze and puff the powder onto the water.  Repeat the “puffing” process with more colours.  Keep the paper still and allow the colours to mix themselves.

Once you are happy with your colours, allow to dry naturally.  This will allow some of the pigments to create a spotted affect. Once dry use a maker pen to draw in your characters.

 I like to think of these colourful ladies as a series of rich housewives at the races. It’s fun to see the characters you can create.  This would be a great process for someone who likes to write and journal – you could make up some wonderful stories about these characters.

There is no process video for this blog post but if you check out my previous card tutorials on YouTube you will see the “puffing” process if it is not clear by my written instructions here.


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