Appearing…. Jot Moodboard Challenge

Every month the Jot Magazine moodboard captures my attention but the month is usually over before I have a chance to play along.  I still have the May Screenshot on my phone as I intend to make a layout inspired by it even if it is next may by the time I get around to it.  Anyway, this month the moodboard is just that very moody and whether you are inspired by the colours or the images there is something in it for everyone.


My first thoughts was a lot of white space accented with black and red but this is not how my layout came about. I knew I wanted to use a mailbox art as my background.  Mailbox art for those who don’t know is art on pizza boxs for submissions to Scrapbooking Memories Magazines.  For a long time the magazine would swap boxes around and you would get a different one in return to add to and reuse.  But since the publishers have changed hands you get your own back.  This is one that I did and when it was returned the box had no life left in it except to become a layout.

This is what it looked like before I go stuck in. It was originally a monoprint from my geli plate with a bit of washi and gyprock tape.  Oh, and a little stamping.


Then this happened.


I added some black acrylic paint, then took some away with a baby wipe and then added some more and repeated the process until I was happy.  Then I added some stenciling to make it look like a grafittied wall.  (This is my favourite thing to do at the moment) then I added some white smudges, some Viva Las VegaStamping (another of my new favourite things) and then layered it all up.

This photo was taken at this years Scrap and Chat retreat and Hall and Oates made a guest appearance on dress up 80’s night so the layout had to be celebrated.  Can’t wait to see who appears next year. 😛

This layout looks so much better than I imagined it would.  A little different but so much better.  I even pulled out a little bit of old school brads and studs for that extra 80’s touch.



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