A look back at the Brisbane Scrapbooking Expo 2016

Today, I am throwing back to June.  I wanted to write about the Brisbane Scrapbooking Expo but I got a little distracted by Life and am now sitting down to reflect on the experience.  The Brisbane Scrapbooking Expo is one of the highlights of my year.  I don’t have a local scrapbooking store or a local scrapbooking group and my friends who actually scrapbook is limited to two and they don’t do it very often at all.  It is a given each year that I am going and our family plans that weekend revolve around me.  Last year, I went with my daughter in toe – she was three months old, I was not missing out. I had plans this year to go alone.  I kinda did go alone. As in I didn’t have any kids with me but I was asked to be a tutor and represent Colour Blast Australia. So I wasn’t alone. Hell Yes!

To be a tutor was one of those things on my bucket list that I thought would never ever happen to me but it did and I happily took the opportunity with both hands.  Tutor spots are limited and I had only ever seen big names as tutors. I could pretend I was a big name.

As a tutor you have to be prepared to teach classes of up to 25 people.  Kit preparation this year was easy for me and was done by my sponsor, Colour Blast. I just had to put the kit into packs and create with what they supplied.  Maybe if I have to put together my own kit it will be a little harder.

The other thing that is special about tutors is that they get to do a display to showcase their work.  I kept my display fairly simple and chose to incorporate the bike from my blog logo.  A few people I spoke to about my idea for my display thought that I was a little crazy but my Crossfit instructor, Trev, understood what I was saying and helped me make it happen.  Actually it was really simple.  If I ever get this opportunity again – I have bigger ideas!

Here is my Display:


And here are a few of the other tutor displays:

I took the fact that I had a three day pass to the event as an opportunity to check out the talent and styles of other teachers. I did three classes as a student at the Expo.  These are the first classes I have ever done at the Expo and to be honest, the Second, third and fourth classes I have ever done.  I have always had the idea that I can work out things from photos.  But it was so nice to actually get to talk to people and share ideas and techniques in person.  Each tutor had a different teaching style and different ideas about what and why they are scrapbooking.

My first class was Natalie May.  She is clearly a regular teacher and is very technical in her approach.  She talks a lot about composition and colour. She scraps to preserve the memory.  Natalie clearly loves the products she uses. This was my first time meeting Natalie.  She too is a Scrapbooking Memories Master this year so it was a bit special to actually meet one of my “collegues” in real life.  Natalie’s page was a monochromatic page. Monochromatic is not new to me but the way Natalie explains it and teaches it makes me realise there is a lot more too it than what I usually think when I put a layout together.  I am not trained in any way and I realise that when I listed to Nat talk.  It makes me want to learn more of the technical side of Art rather than my high school knowlege.  That has now been added to my bucket list.

This is me and Natalie:


This is my take on Natalie’s Monochromatic Layout:


The second class I did was Fiona Paltridge, (if you follow my blog you will know she is my Scrappy girl crush), Fiona has a style that talks about composition too but in less of a structured textbook way that Natalie presents.  Fiona scraps for the art of it. (This is totally me, the memory is a bonus.) This class sold out pretty quick.  Fiona taught every day but some classes doubled up this one was a one off.  I was lucky enough to do this class with the Amazing Anita Rodway owner of Flutterby Designs.  We hit it off and had a ball.  I am still in awe of Fiona and think that she is the bees knees.

This is me and Fi and Anita:


This is my take on Fiona’s class featuring the AMAZING Sue Plumb:


The third class I did was Beck Beattie.  She was demonstrating her very own product and was very passionate about it.  And so she should be it was beautiful to use.  Beck is all about memory preserving too.  Her classes are awesome and she encourages you to make it your own which I love!


We created two layouts in Becks Class, here are my interpretations:

Looking back, I don’t know why I didn’t take the opportunity to do classes sooner.  They are so much fun and it is nice to sit in a room with like minded people rather than alone in my scrapbooking room.  If you get a chance do a class – do it. They are not cheap but you will come away with a renewed energy that will make you want to go home and make something.

As for my classes….They were small but when you are competing with the big names above I kind of expected that but I loved every minute of it.

This was my page:


I loved that everyone in my class was there to learn about something I loved and wanted to hear what I had to say and see how I do it. Colour Blast is an awesome new product on the market and I have been lucky enough to be representing it pretty much from the beginning.  I love sharing something that is completely new to a lot of people.  I also want to thank everyone that attended my classes.  I appreciate your support.  Fingers crossed I can come back again and share some of my other ideas.


The Brisbane Scrapbooking Expo is Awesome.  You never know who you are going to meet in real life.  And people are so different when you actually meet them face to face.  I have been told in real life I am a lot quieter than I seem πŸ™‚

If you are in Brisbane around June next year make sure you check it out.  Sign up to the Into Craft Newsletter so you are updated and don’t miss out.

Here is a video I created over the three days of the event.






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  1. A big thank you for representing Colour Blast with such energy and enthusiasm. We felt extremely honoured to have you as our tutor representing our brand 😘


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