Tutor Display – Brisbane Scrapbooking Expo 2016

Today, I am sharing a bit of an upclose of a project that I used for the Brisbane Scrapbooking Expo back in June.  I have a whole heap of ideas and things on my computer that I want to share about my experience and this is the first blog post.  I am slowly going to clear off some desktop space and share it all here.  So do make sure you follow me to read all about it.  Here I go all about my Tutor display.

As a tutor I had to prepare a display board showcasing some of my work. This is my display and me.

tutor display

The idea of the display is to showcase my work and I wanted to keep it fairly simple to make sure the focus stayed on the work.  So, I recycled some bunding that I made for my daughters birthday.  My main focus I wanted to be on a bike.  My Popleopod logo is a bike that ties in all things about me.  I wanted to replicate this on my display.  I would have loved to use a full size bike but it was hard enough for me to cut down this small one. And believe it of not only my Crossfit instructor, Trev, understood my idea and helped me make it happen.  Everyone else thought I was a bit cray cray. In the basket are all things that are in my logo…Some Poppy flowers, a paint palette and brush, a camera and a photo frame.  On and there is my words.

To make my words, I called on my most favourite wood veneer producer Jodi, from Corbett Creations to help me with my name for my display.  I told her what I wanted and she came up with a few different options for me to choose from.  I chose two.  One in chipboard and one in wood veneer.  I wanted two options as I didn’t know if I wanted plain white or a decorated option. In the end I went with the white option on my main display and in my classroom I used the decorated option.

This is my classroom display.


This is an upclose of my decorated option on the black wall in the class room.  Unfortunately the light in the exhibition centre is not that great.


But here it is in pieces against a white background with a bit more light.


To decorate my chipboard, I painted it with a layer of white acrylic to create a base that the colours wouldn’t melt into that easy and then I used my geli plate to mono print over the chipboard. I used a whole heap of colours and stencils when I was monoprinting. Once I was happy and all the chipboard was covered, I added layers of stamping and stencilling.


To finish it all off I added a layer of Mica powders.  I used basic acrylics for my monoprinting and Colour Blast Pastes for my stencilling.


An that is my display upclose.  I have big plans for next year.  I just hope they work.


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I am a Art maker and Memory Keeper. I am a mother of three with glitter in her veins.

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