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I have been so lucky to be part of the Get Messy Art Journal Community and have made some awesome “friends”.  Although we have never met in person there is a strong connection especially between the Whats App groups and the common factor of “local” Get Messians.  By “local” I mean those based in our country.

I was invited to be apart of the Get Messy Aussie travelling Art Journal.  It was the first time I had ever participated in something like this and it was so great to be able to look at others works right in front of you.  My only regret is not being the last one to contribute so that I could see all the local talent.  I was second so I only got to see the beautiful work of Tanyalee – AKA The DrawingboardAU.  As it turns out being the last one is not always the best idea because the book has gone Missing in Action.  Hopefully someone finds it on their desk and posts it on to the next person but until then I just wanted to share my contribution.  This journal was started in the season of Words so my pages reflect that.

This is something a little different for me but I love it.


Then I added some stitching and some of my first Geli Prints using the Stampendous Monoprinting block. I have since upgraded to the Geli Plate.102

Then I created this little collage and for some reason the computer keeps flipping it so here it is.


Another Mono print but this time using my Geli Plate.  Much better and so much more details – note my mushroom Prints.  Yep, made with a real mushroom.103

And finally my Take a Bow page.  I added some journaling around the print after this photo was taken. It was a little motivational pep talk to my Fellow Creatives about taking a bow.  Their work is amazing and they should be proud.104




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I am a Art maker and Memory Keeper. I am a mother of three with glitter in her veins.

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