Show Us Your Stuff – May Challenge

Today, I am sharing my take on the May Show Us Your Stuff Challenge.  This month it is hearts and poetry.  Two things that honestly made me think “Ugh”! But I do like a challenge.

For the poetry side of it I decided to go with a Kaisercraft rub on that I have had hanging about in my stash for a while.  It’s fairly simple. This is my second take on this challenge my first was picked up for publishing so keep an eye out for that one. The first challenge used a long poem sticker so this one is a bit simpler but there was no way I was going hand write it.  My lettering needs a lot of work.

This layout I decided to keep fairly simple but bring in a few different elements.  I have used one of my hot glue gun messy stamps and some hand stitching. I kept all the embellishments to a minimum using Charms Creations hessian heart and Studio Fourteen 40 Flair.  I look at this layout and I think its a bit grungy and minimalistic compared to what I usually do but I really like it.  The photo is the star of the layout.


Here is the Charms Creations heart and Studio Fourteen40 flair.  These hessian hearts had the red wood button heart attached but I removed it to incorporate my flair button and just attached it below.


This is a close up of my hot glue stamp.  Its a messy circle and won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I really like it.  I like how its not sharp and perfect.


There is no video to go with this layout as I was up late and my camera’s memory card was full, I could either continue on or spend time downloading the camera.  I decided to continue while I had a few ideas flowing.



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