It’s About Time | CSI Challenge & D-lish Design Share

This month, D-lish Scraps was a sponsor of the CSI: Colour, Stories, Inspiration Challenge and the designers were given early access to this months Cases.

I’ll be honest, until now I had seen this challenge in passing but was overwhelmed and didn’t really spend much time trying to work it out either.  I was forced to sit down and decipher the clues.  Once you work it out it actually isn’t that hard and it makes your brain work a bit to incorporate all the required elements.

The first challenge I tried was Case number #187.  I found it easier to print off the whole case and write notes to breakdown the clues and record my ideas and thoughts. When I first looked at this, all I could think was ‘Steampunk’.  All of my orginal notes were revolving around that.  Once I got to the testimony though…my thoughts changed.  One thing I found with the CSI Challenges is that they encourage deep journalling and thoughts.  This is not really my thing at all.  This requirement pushed me to look past my orginal steampunk ideas.  I decided to move on from the “clues” and decide on my photo.  The photos I chose were from my maternity photo shoot with my first pregnancy.  These are photos that stir a lot of feeling and memories deep inside.  Perfect for the deep journalling in this challenge.

Here is what I came up with after days (yes many days) of procrastination and planning.

About time 1

I had just received my first Design Team Colour Blast colours to play with so I tried them out on this background.  I used the Singin the Blues Shimmer Spray and the Envy Colour paste as well as Embossing powders in Singin the blues and Leather.

The colours were great to work with. I used D-lish bits and bobs to add so much detail to the page along with other things from my stash.  Can you spot the D-lish goodies amongst the older stash?

Here are a few more close ups:

about time 2

Here is some of the shine of the Leather Colour Blast embossing powder – the shine is amazeballs.  I also managed to include a Charms Creation heart amongst all the flowers.  One of the requirements of the challenge was to include gears/cogs.  I did this by using various watch gears from my stash that I picked up on eBay years ago.  I love them.

I have just discovered the mini wordfetti from D-lish Scraps and I can tell you that you will see this more in my coming layouts it is fantastic!

about time 6

The biggest challenge for me was the journalling.  I found that the challenge calls for deep journalling and thoughts. So not me.  But I managed and its all kept hidden!

about time 5


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