2016 – plans and goals and gratefuls

I wanted to have this blog post prepared and ready to go long before the new year but it hasn’t worked out that way.  Instead it is the day of New Years Eve and I am sitting down now to get my thoughts together.

Looking back over this past year, I have been incredibly lucky.  I started the year with two children and added a second daughter in March.  My husband and I have managed to work  together to enable me to be a full time Stay at Home Mum – something I am ever so grateful for.

As for my personal goals – most of these are scrapbooking/craft related except for the usual health one.  I am sure everyone has that goal weight they want to reach.  My goal in 2015 was to recover from being pregnant, have my hernia repaired and to start exercising and be well on my way to my goal number by the time 2016 hit.  I happy to report that I am well on my way to this magic number and my exercise routine is becoming a habit. It is still one that I DREAD but it is becoming easier.

This year I also discovered at the world of Art Journalling.  I stopped all of my Art many years ago (due to some pretty awful comments from someone close to me at the time) and told myself I wouldn’t go back to it but thanks to the cyber world I have found a whole community of ADULTS who enjoy making things just because.  I realised that if you like something – why stop.  Why do you have to please someone else.  Pleasing your self is is the most important thing to ensure Happiness.  I have made some great cyber friends who are pretty much on call 24/7 due to time zones around the world, if one isn’t awake someone else is.  I will be continuing this in 2016.  It went a bit by the way side at the end of 2015 as I was busy applying for Design Teams and meeting deadlines but I am going to push it to the top of my list in 2016. (Plus Art Journalling also made my top 9 Instagram images in 2015 will this be the same in 2016?)

Now for the Scrapbooking.  I have exceeded my scrapbooking goals in 2015.  I have mentioned in many posts before that I set myself goals in 2015 that I didn’t share out loud for the fear of falling short.  Well, the main focus for me was to be noticed.  I wanted people to like my stuff and notice that I was around.  Well, I achieved that I think.  I have had a few people private message me with kind words and leave comments on my blog.  But I guess the biggest thing was getting that phone call to say I had been chosen as a 2016 Scrapbooking Memories Master.  I think everything after that has just been icing on a cake.

I was also fortunate enough to be selected to be apart of the Scrap the Girls Design team.  I am so grateful to AJ for noticing what I was capable of and opening a door for me.  Truth be told I received a friend request from AJ a long time a go on Facebook.  I am and have been very protective of my Facebook followers I don’t usually accept people I haven’t met but for some reason I accepted AJ.  All I do remember is we had one mutual friend – a fellow scrapbooker who I went to school with (she will know who she is).  Funny how things work out.

Another person I am grateful to is Amanda from D-lish Scraps for seeing something in my work and allowing me to showcase some of her beautiful embellishments on my pages and allowing me to be apart of her Design Team.  I hope that this position is extended as I don’t want it to end.

So what’s in store for me in 2016?

Well, Scrapbooking Memories Master of course.  With everything being ahead in magazine land, we are almost already half way through the year and I am currently working on my Masters feature.  That is a bit daunting but I have some great ideas to share.

Design Teams – My current positions with Scrap the Girls and D-Lish Scraps are due to end at the end of March.  With that in mind I applied for a few more positions for this year that I did not expect to be successful at but thought I’d have a go anyways.  Starting in January, I will be apart of the Flutterbys Design Team showcasing some of the beautiful bits and bobs of Anita Rodway.  February – Will mark the start of my Design position with with Show Us Your Stuff Design team (showcasing handmade embellishments), Scrap the Boys Online Challenge and also the Colour Blast Design team.  Colour Blast is mixed media so it will also include my Art Journalling so keep an eye out for that.

I am going to be very busy this year but while my Mojo is flowing I want to take full advantage of it.  I am already working on layouts for the next few months and can’t wait to share.

Other things…

Last year I focused on getting my blog running after starting it the year before with the intention to look after it but severe morning sickness prevented me from doing anything much. I tried to blog at least once a week.  This year I will be aiming to double this and over the next year I want to write 100 blog posts.

I started my YouTube channel Popleopod in 2015 too.  This was something that I put off for so long thinking I wasn’t tech saavy enough to do it.  Turns out it is easier that it first appeared and I currently have 6 process videos sitting in the cyber world for people to watch.  This year I want to produce at least one a week.  So,by the end of 2016 I want to have 60 videos shared.  As I write this I am currently working on 2 more to share so I am well on my way to achieve this.  Make sure you have a look at what I have already done and Subscribe so you don’t miss out on things to come.

This year I also took my Instagram Account off Private and started focusing on my craft rather than family shares.  (I still do the odd family share) It has more than doubled in size.  My goal this year is to double it again and give away the WRMK fuse tool that I have promised since starting my Youtube Channel.  If you missed it – I have a WRMK fuse tool to give away when my Instagram account reaches 500 followers.  I try to monitor my followers so any spammers are deleted and not included in this number.  Lets see how long until I hit the magic number.

This year I am also going to attempt Ali Edwards One Little Word.  I have no idea why or what I want to achieve out of it but I guess I want to take advantage of this year of opportunities and this is a way to focus on that and document it.  My word is DELIGHT. (I will share in another blog post later why I chose the way I did.)

So that’s it.  That’s where I’m going in 2016 – really just trying to make the most of all the opportunities currently on my doorstep and not screw it up while balancing out a busy family life.  Let’s see how it goes.

Ps.  For those who wonder how I manage it. I have lists and Schedules and calendars and spreadsheets.  I design layouts in my head during the day and when the kids go to bed, I scrapbook.  I scrapbook with a plan.  I don’t waste a minute of my alone time.  I do this 3-4 days a week at night and then the other nights I sleep.  My baby daughter still feeds at least 2 times a night and everyone rises with the sun which at the moment in Queensland is very early before 5.  So, I need those nights to catch up on sleep.  I don’t know how I do it but I do.  Anything is possible if you want it to be.  I was not a morning person nor less than 8 hours a night girl until I had kids.  Now I am a go with the flow gotta take all opportunities kinda girl.

So, with that farewell 2015 and Happy New Year.  I hope that this year brings you all great things.  What are your Scrappy plans for this year? I’d love to hear them.

Now Decembers finished it might be time to start my December Daily!?? Crazy I know, RIGHT?!?!




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I am a Art maker and Memory Keeper. I am a mother of three with glitter in her veins.

2 thoughts on “2016 – plans and goals and gratefuls”

  1. Hi Krisy! Happy New Year. This is my first visit to your blog and I’ve only read this post so far but I love it. I love the way you write. Congrats on being on so many DT’s and a Master! Your work is beautiful and you deserve all that has come your way. xx


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