Scrap the Boys | October sketch Challenge

The sketch this month over at scrap the boys is a bit different and my layout is way different to what my original ideas were.

Here is this months sketch:

I managed to Scrap a picture of my husband that has been shuffling around my scrap room since 2012.

It’s a picture of my husband skydiving taken by the guy who he was strapped to and who’s quick thinking saved both their lives. It was one of those worst case senarios – the Shute opened but tangled and had to be cut free before the reserve Shute was deployed. My husband had no idea any of this was happening as he was too busy yahooing but it is very clear in the view and by the fact the life saving guy finished up for the day as soon as he returned to base and went and had a beer at the pub next door. He was thankful to be alive that day. I have a heap of photos from the sand looking up but there is something about the look on my husbands fave that screams happy. At the time (back in 2012), I loved the picture, I printed it and then had no idea what to do with it. Until now! 

A tangle of strings, some Charms Creation Clouds and scrap FX Chipboard it all that it needed.

Here are some close ups: 



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