The Great Scrapbooking Memories Pizza Box Mail Hunt

The recent announcement that I am a 2015/16 Scrapbooking Memories Master had a few people tell me that they suspected me due to the number of recent Pizza Boxes I had photographed and shared.  Only two I shared were masters submissions. I really didnt think people were paying that much attention. Silly me though, I forgot to photograph my masters box submission even though it sat on my kitchen bench for nearly a week before I had the guts to actually post it.  So, if your reading this and you get my box can you please take a photo before you alter it and send it to me or post it on Popleopod Facebook page.

Today, I want to share with you some of my other Mail Art. What is mail art? If you are lucky enough to have your scrapbooking work selected for publishing, you usually package it up in a clean/new pizza box for mailing.  Being quite a creative bunch (these scrapbooking ladies are), there is a trend to decorate these boxes before sending them on.  If they survive the rough handling of the mailworkers, you may be lucky enough to get someone elses box in return.  If you do, then you can add your touch to it before sending it on again.

Some of these ladies that have set up a Facebook Page dedicated to sharing the art work that is adorning these boxes travelling around the scrapbooking community called the Great SBM Pizza Box Mailart Hunt.  They share photos of their creations just incase they don’t survive and it allows everyone to share the beauty of these boxes. I have sent off quite a few boxes in the past few months that I have been the first to add some colour to but I have only ever received two pre- decorated ones to add to.

Here are some of the ones I sent off… I like to start off simple allowing a bit of room for others to add their touches to.

Here are the ones that I added to.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the first one before I added to it.  But I remembered with the second one. I found out through the Facebook site that this one only survived being sent to the next person before it was a little to damaged to continue on.

If you are lucky enough to have your work accepted for publishing, have a go at decorating the box and keep an eye out for something pretty in return.


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