December Daily : Crazy or worth it?

When I woke up this morning this blog post was not something I had contemplated or planned. It happen as a result of my morning blog fix.

December Daily, Document December or whatever you want to call it…Should I commit (myself to the nuthouse) or skip it? 

For those who are new to this concept it’s a mini album designed to capture the magic or mayhem that is Christmas by documenting it daily. A crazy concept especially as so many Priject Lifers fail to document weeks so how can you commit to daily?!?

Today, I read a blog post about December Daily by Aimee at betwixt and between (you can read it here) and it got me thinking. (Please note: I have openly said I’m not doing it this year.) Plus my Get Messy Art Journal group are all starting to commit to this crazy task. Seeing all their recently purchased Christmas ephemera is starting to suck me in. I’ve got other stuff that I would rather invest my precious free time in -right?!? I’m not doing it!

In the blog post, Aimee talks about weather or not she should undertake such a project at 8 months pregnant. My answer to her was yes. Do it. 

Christmas changes once you have kids…I’ve become Buddy The  Elf. I absolutely love it before not so much. The reason I said to go and do it was the fact that I too was eight months pregnant the first Decemcer Daily I attempted and it was the only one I finished.  I have attempted it two more times after that but failed miserably. I didn’t fail at taking the photos just the printing and journalling part. The part that actually matters. Will I go back and finish them? I’m not sure plus I know my brain is full of other stuff to remember all the details to journal properly. Maybe…probably not.

Anyways, I thought I’d share my success and failures…who knows I might inspire myself to do it again this year!

This is my first ever December Daily – a Success! 2012 the year my first daughter was born. I didn’t own a proper journalling pen or printer but it’s finished and is pretty neat to look back on now.

It’s base is a Kaisercraft album and a mish mash of everything Christmas I owned at the time.

This is a note to myself that I put in the back…famous last words.

  Then we move on to 2013- believe it or not I was eight months pregnant again…all the prep done and that’s it.  

And finally…the worst fail. 2014. I was only six months pregnant this year…not joke I told you I’m nuts! And this is it-a title page.  

 So the question now is…should I go again or just enjoy the season without the added pressure? I’m not doing it! Ok! 

What’s your Thoughts? Help! Advice appreciated.



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I am a Art maker and Memory Keeper. I am a mother of three with glitter in her veins.

4 thoughts on “December Daily : Crazy or worth it?”

  1. Your completed December daily is AWESOME – I am trying to get all the preprep done this week and not worry about including million photos- I think everyone should try it at least once and I am hoping it makes me concentrate on the traditions I love and not drive me crazy !


  2. ALL your albums are beautiful, even the unfinished ones. I can only give advice from where I stand but having taken last year off, let me just say it has made me so much more willing to do it this year. I think a year off just to enjoy the holidays will probably rekindle your passion for the project too. It can be so demoralizing looking at old projects that you have no passion to finish (that’s why mine went to live in the shed). I can’t thank you enough for the advice you gave and I’m so glad I could play some small role in helping you decide.


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