Get Messy Art Journal #5 – Season of Words Finale

This week is the second week of the 2 week break between Get Messy Seasons and I have officially filled my altered book. It hasn’t fanned too much so that has made me really happy.

I have enjoyed this season although I focused on certain prompts more than others as they spoke to me more and I really don’t have too many negatives I’m trying to “work through” or would like to waste energy thinking aboutbut each to their own. I enjoyed it anyway and I would have liked to create the whole book of fairytales. Maybe I’ll add that to my never ending list of things I’d like to do.

Anyway, here are my pages for the final set of prompts. You will find a bit of inspiration taken from Das mon crane with the day of the dead ladies (I love them and had planned my next ink to be one before I even knew of Vanessa’s work).

This first one is another fairytale (I told you I’m obsessed!)

“I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on Earth…then I ask myself the same thing.” Makes me homesick for travel.

I saw these words…I liked it…I stole it like an ARTIST.   

This lyric page is complied from my recent failed art swap sympathy parcel from @jules_tea.

 A bit more collage…  

How to be remembered…took me way out of my comfort zone but really it’s simple.

 A dedication to the lovely @squiggleandswirl. I love it when you say things and it really connects with someone.
That’s it’s. I am all ready for a new season. Check out my Instagram @popleopod for a flip through of this little altered book from start to finish in 15 seconds.


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I am a Art maker and Memory Keeper. I am a mother of three with glitter in her veins.

2 thoughts on “Get Messy Art Journal #5 – Season of Words Finale”

  1. Art journaling is something that I really struggle with, but it’s never stopped me appreciating those who can. Your pages are brilliant – especially the back cover. I think we could all do with that advice.


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