Get Messy Art Journal #3 Season of Words

I know I missed last weeks share.  I felt overwhelmed right from the beginning and by the time Thursday share day rolled round which is very quickly in Australia (we get the prompts very late on a Monday and have to share only 2 days later to make sure we match up with the rest of the shares), I just wasn’t ready to share.  I had created but all the pages weren’t quite finished and I wanted them to be.  I worked out that last week was our adjusting week after my husband returned to work after school holidays.  He is a teacher and when he is home on holidays all our routines get messed up and we all need time to recover.

Anyway, enough of my excuses. Here are my pages.

This one is one I missed from prompts #2

Catch up from Prompts #3.

Austin Kleon Styling


And up close… I accidentally inked on one of the key words. It should read Blow Your Mind.

A bit of Jackson Pollock Inspiration.  


And a few more pages

And one upclose so you can read the quote.

And here are my Prompt #4 Shares.

Splicing – Thanks Lauren and Karen.  I actually spliced this photo for a Scrapbooking layout and never used it.  I liked it too much to throw it away.

I fell in love with the idea of recreating Fairytales that I loved from my childhood. I did a few pages and one more is still in the making. I actually went and dug out the actual books that I loved, all stuck together with yellowing tape and reread them.  I also Googled them to read about the interpretation of their meanings and lessons.  Some of them actually went over my head and I didn’t get the message even as an adult. They are very deep. Can you work them out?

I tried the window prompt with this one…

The little finger on the left is real and has nothing to do with the book. They were just “helping”.

This one is still in progress but you can see where it’s going.



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