Get Messy – Art Journal – Inspiration Thursday #1

This is my first week of sharing.  The prompt this week was very vague and simple – Get your book ready.

For the Serenity season, I was working in a reclaimed book and I planned on continuing in there.  However, after following many discussions about choosing a book, I may have been persuaded to have  a look at some new books at the second hand store. Two more came home with me.

It also forced me to have a look at my book and write about it.  This is my book.

 I have two the same but with different years.  I picked them up at this years bookfest.  Its a second hand book sale that sells millions of books cheap to raise money for charity. I chose them because they were big and well, the years are my and my husbands birth years.  I didn’t look at anything else.

I have since realized that there is a lot more to picking a book to be altered.  It must be stitched and not glued.  If the pages are glued they are likely to pop out. Thankfully I managed to pick a Stitched book.  Next, the pages must be matte just plain old paper pages.  The pages in my book are glossy.  This is not very helpful.  You use so much gesso trying to cover it up and nothing sticks very easy so you cant just paint straight on it or use a glue stick.  Other than that there is not much else to picking a book other than choosing something that appeals to you – size, colour, pictures or print.

When I got my book I didn’t read anything about preparing a book. I just went crazy and pulled out a chunks of pages.  My thought was I just had to thin it out.  It was silly.  Really silly to tear out chunks. I now I have to make signatures to fill in the huge chunks that are missing and still I have to tear out every second page of the chunks that remain so that they don’t fan out too much when things are stuck to them.  My number one tip – DON’T TEAR OUT CHUNKS!  

All that being said about my book, I am thinking I am going to change into a smaller book for this season.  This is the book that I have chosen.

It has a nice cloth cover (I removed the dust jacket).  I love the old book look and I am loving the idea of having a bookshelf full of what looks like old books but are actually art journals.

 So at this stage, I am not altering the cover of my book in anyway.  I may change my mind at some point but for now I’m happy.  My prep was pull out half of each stitched section.  

I chose to do this rather than rip out every second page to avoid the little tails that are left in the book when you tear them out.  

This is what the little tails look like:  

This has halved the thickness of my book so hopefully it won’t fan out too much.  

I like the idea of being about to work on the page without too much prep work or having to glue pages in like with my other book.
So, that’s me – I’m ready to go.  Lets get this season underway  and Get MESSY!


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I am a Art maker and Memory Keeper. I am a mother of three with glitter in her veins.

2 thoughts on “Get Messy – Art Journal – Inspiration Thursday #1”

  1. Having visited Arizona a few times I would have loved to have seen your first books made into journals, but I’m glad you found a book that is going to work for you! 🙂

    I cannot wait to see your pages!


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