Get Messy – My Art Journal Adventure – the beginning

Two months ago I found a group on Instagram called Get Messy.  To be honest, I have followed the group for a while but didn’t really read into what it was.  I just liked a photo. 

Then one day,  I saw a post about an Art Swap.  Without reading anymore into it, I thought this is my chance to finally start art journaling again.  I sent off the email to say, “Im in”.  I then waited until the close off date and a few more days.  It was then I realized that you had to be part of the group to see who was your swap partner.  It is a secret community.  I tossed up for a few days as to whether I wanted to part with $25USD to join.  My belief is if you cant stop thinking about it your meant to do it.  So, 2 days later I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I filled in the online form and just like that in a matter of minutes a whole world of Art and like minded creative was opened up to me. (Just for the record I was the only one to get a dud swap (my partner has fallen of the face of the earth) but it hasn’t deterred me)

I somehow managed to join at the very beginning of the most recently completed season – Serenity.  I had no idea what to expect but let me tell you, it was better than anything I had imagined.  I have created so many beautiful pages and explored ideas that I would not have thought of off the top of my head.  To add to that, I have connected with a community of people that I really enjoy chatting to from all over the world.  We connect through the Facebook page, Whatsapp and periscope.

Here are a few of my favouite pages from the Serenity Season for you to have a look at.

The new season is just kicking off and I cant wait – Season of Words which includes altering a book.

I have committed to Inspirational Thursdays so each Thursday you will see a post about what I have created that week and what spoke to me.  It is a side ways step to my Scrapbooking but surprisingly the techniques and creativity are showing in my Scrapbooking Layouts.  

I am loving the challenge although I am quietly freaking out that I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  Oh well, we will have to see how it goes.  

You can also see my pages on my instagram account – @popleopod or on my Facebook page Popleopod.  Do go and follow them too.  

Don’t forget to checkout Get Messy.  Tell them I sent you.


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I am a Art maker and Memory Keeper. I am a mother of three with glitter in her veins.

6 thoughts on “Get Messy – My Art Journal Adventure – the beginning”

  1. Wow Krisy I really love all your pages…..the ballerina is just awesome! Is she out of a magazine? she just has so much presence & fits in so beautifully!
    I’m from the GM group but find the WhatsApp so difficult to follow & have stepped back for a while but do manage to read a few from time to time!


    1. Gilly, it’s easy to get overwhelmed on the app. Don’t worry. I prefer to share on Instagram…less talking and more pictures 😉 oh and the ballerina, she is off a brochure for swan lake that is coming to town next month. I may have picked up a few brochures just for her.

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