Scrap the Girls -Design Team Layout – September 2015

Today I’m  sharing my first layout as a design team member with Scrap the Girls. I am so happy to be part of the team and I just couldn’t wait to share this layout. I also took some process photos so you can see how my layout came together.

This month the inspiration was a sketch. Here it is here:

My first thought was “Gee that’s a lot of flowers, is that still a trend?”. Flowers were big last year and the year before. It is something that I never really warmed to. I then decided I would replace the flowers with leaves and I could scrap a photo of my daughter Autumn. 

I then interpreted the sketch in my way and put the original image away so that I didn’t try and recreate it. I have a sketchbook filled with designs like this that I have seen on blogs or Instagram. There is no chance of me copying a layout exactly this way. I am simply using it to start an idea. Here’s what I was working with.

First things first though, I had to pick out my cards. I have a million Project  Life cards. More than I could ever use especially when my Project Life album is very photo heavy. I started looking and then decided it was time to delve into my precious stash if Specials. My Specials are cards I have put aside because they are my absolute favourites. Amongst it was a Girly Superhero card from Studio Calico. I had my ah moment. This was it. I was going to base my layout around this card. It was pinks and oranges. I thought great that works with my idea of autumn leaves. 

I recently made my older two children capes which was great timing, I could take a photo of Autumn flying – Superhero Autumn. One problem though, the capes were comic book colours- Bright Primaries. So I was left with two options. I had to change my idea or use a Black and White photo. Black and white wasn’t an option not this time anyways. I had to show the colour of the sky and Cape. I then made the decision to change the colour of my chosen card. I did this with ink and an old ink pen. You know the kind they used back in the day…you dip the nib in the ink. The ink I used was my trusty old Ranger Dylusions. I outlined the words once dry with a fine tip pen and it was perfect. I then mocked up my page. I have templates cut from card that I use for sizing so that my photos don’t get dirty. Here you can see my altered card and my template.

I also found a flair in my stash from Studio Fourteen40 it’s from their Everyday hero range. It matched my comic book colours perfectly. So back to my sketch, I had to girly the layout up so the flowers had to stay. I didn’t have any in my stash that remotely matched the colours so I pulled out my white gesso and started again. I also made some roses from a tutorial I found on Pinterest and some Chinese newspaper. 

I then lay out my design of flowers on some old stencil packaging. I like to do this so you can move it to the side with having to worry about bumping it or any  thing moving. I stuck them on with tape and sprayed them with ink. You can see from this picture how I went about it. I sprayed the top and bottom colours first and when it dried I did the third colour. I did four coats of each colour.

 For the background I used ink and water. First the ink then the water splatting it on the page. If you prime your page with gel medium first it gives a nicer effect as the ink doesn’t absorb in so quick. 

Then I put it all together. I finished it with some paper planes and feathers I made. The reason I chose to use Chinese  newspapers Is that I think it adds a bit more interest to the page. Plus you can’t read it. I always get distracted by things with words and find myself trying to read the background so this way I can’t do that. I did study Chinese mandarin for two years before having kids but it’s hard work plus baby brain means I have no idea what it says.

 So what do you think of the finished layout? Too much? My mum thinks the photo is too dark but I like it that way. What do you think? 

To see what the other design team members came up with have a look here.


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