The difference a little light makes

My New Years resolution was to get some of my layouts published. I read a while ago a comment on a fellow Scrapbookers blog about why she gets noticed and it has really stuck with me. At first I thought OMG what a stuck up thing to say, actually I still think that but she was right. Without putting a link back to the blog or mentioning any names the comment was along the lines “I’m good at what I do and I take awesome photos”. No mincing or being round about with the words. I think it’s one thing to take awesome photos and be good as something but really…don’t go outside because you tickets will blow away.  

This being said I’m happy with my life approach of taking photos – a photo in any condition to preserve a memory is better than nothing at all, but I want to be noticed. I want my craft to be published.  I thought about her comments…I need to take more awesome photos of my layouts. I live in an old Queenslander the natural light inside is very dark and if I go outside I find my photos look blue. I think it’s the reflection of the house as its big and blue. The solution – a light box. I picked one up off eBay lights and all for less than $25 delivered and I possibly think it’s one of the most valuable purchases I will make this year. 

Just to show you…this is an original photo I took in my studio with the natural light (stained glass panel in the window is no help when taking photos)

  Then I edited it in a photo app – the colours aren’t right

  This is the image I took with the light box. No edit and straight out of the box. 
  This is more true to the way it looks in real life. Keep in mind this set up is straight out of the box and no editing, I do need to have a play with the set up but I think from now on my layout photos are going to look heaps better. I might even feel at bit more confident about sharing more layouts.
What do you think?


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