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In an earlier post about documenting my pregnancy using the Project Life App (read it here), I talked about how I was going to document the babies first year…Whether I would continue with the app or return to actual paper crafting. This is it, well the start of it anyways, I decided to go back to what my heart desires and do a traditional book using actual cards. Plus I have a million of them so I may as well use them for their intended purpose rather than just on cards and traditional scrapbooking layouts.

I have looked back through both my daughter and sons traditional albums and decided that I’ve been mixing up too many styles. I want to create a little more uniformity with this album while still being pretty simple and mixing it up. Does this make sense?!?  In other words, I have my own style that I want on each page but want to change the colours and keep pretty simple. 

I will be mixing up the kits. Sometimes I will stick to the one kit for an entire layout, other weeks I will go by colour. I am using letter tile stickers on every layout…I love this look. I will embellish a bit but not a lot. I will save the over the top embellishing for my traditional scrapbooking. 

I haven’t yet completed a title page. I want it to be perfect and I have decided what I want it to look like yet. Plus I have another fifty plus weeks before it needs to be done. So, when I get to that I’ll share it.

For this album, I have decided on a single page a week. I did double in my daughters album and found that some weeks this was a little hard to fill and I feel using too many filler cards on one spread is silly. If I need more space or have other things to include I will do them as inserts. 

As for the lead up to her arrival, I will get the pregnancy pages printed and insert these into the front of the album in 12×12 pages. They can be printed at a later stage too.

As this is a work in progress, I have decided that I will progress blog this project every three or four weeks rather than weekly. Here are the first three weeks including her arrival and Easter insert.





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