Week 16 – Project Life

This week I took a different approach to how I put together my weekly layout in the app. Usually, I just take photos and then on Wednesday night while watching TV, I pick my favourites, journal them in the Letterglow app and then load them into the Project Life app. It takes about an hour all up both journalling and loading. To change it up this week, I loaded a few each day. I thought this would save me time. To be honest, I got to Wednesday night and there wasn’t enough space for some other photos I wanted to include, so, I ended up deleting some and moving others. I had spent more time editing and journalling photos that I didn’t need. Long story short, the lesson I learned this week for me and my style…take all the photos you’ll need and more, then spend an hour a week making pages.

For this week, I went back to the DIY shop cards that I used on an earlier layout. I love the textured cork cards. It makes a change from the bright colours I have been using for the past few weeks. I used the usual editing/journalling app Snapseed and Letterglow.

A bit of extra info about this week…It’s the last full week darling husband is off work on Paternity leave. Part of me is excited that our daily routine will go back to normal and the other part is a bit sad that I won’t have the extra set of hands at home during the day as well as the adult conversation. So with this in mind the said darling husband decided we should all go for a day out. The Dinosaurs are at the Queensland Museum at the moment,so we took the kids and also went to the Fallery of Modern Art (GOMA) that is right next door. I love the art gallery and spent so much time there in my late teens. It has been a long time between visits. I need to go more often it invigorates my creative soul. Oh, the dinosaurs were good. If you have a dino nut the it’s great a bit pricey though if your not into dinosaurs.

So, here it is my week Sixteen



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I am a Art maker and Memory Keeper. I am a mother of three with glitter in her veins.

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