Sensory play for toddlers – Edible Slime

After being a pretty ordinary for the last few months of my pregnancy, my energy and creativity has returned. Today we experimented with some outside sensory play. We made what I know from my childhood as “gak” aka edible slime. I say edible as there is nothing that will harm you if you eat it but it doesn’t taste nice at all.

The outcome was I have two children who would rather eat sand and play in dirt and water. I rather enjoyed it but I think this is suited more to older kids that would be fascinated by what was actually happening – something that appears to be solid becoming a liquid.

It is a really easy thing to make. All you need is cornflour and water. 


You can do the research and get exact measurements but I just guessed. All you need to know is that you have to get to a consistency that isn’t too runny. It is best to add the water in small parts. I used a butter knife to mix it and in a jug rather than a bowl (the handle makes it easier to hold while mixing). Once your happy with your mixture you can add a few drops of food colouring – just to make it a bit more special but not necessary. You can see from the following picture the sort of consistent you are looking for.


It appears solid when you run the knife through it but is melts back around itself. Do note it is hard to stir that is why I chose to use a knife rather than a spoon. 

You could add glitter for visual fun but both my toddlers are still very curious about the taste of things so I left that out. 

Both my toddlers had a bit of a play but didn’t seem too fussed on it and returned to the dirt pretty quickly. Maybe next time. On the plus side it’s really easy to clean up. Once it drys it’s like wiping chalk away.



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