Easter Gifts for Toddlers – “Chicken Launchers”

With Easter just around the corner and a baby due within the next few weeks, I have had to plan ahead.  Each year I make a little something something for the other kids in the mothers group that I connected with when Poppy was born.  Last year it was easy tassled throw rugs ( I will have to do a post on that sometime).  This year I had pinned heaps of ideas on Pinterest (my board is @krisy5) but nothing really met what I was looking for.  I wanted something that would be a bit educational and enriching rather than just another gift.

Then like magic, in my Facebook newsfeed from Red Ted Art was Juggling Chickens. 

I love Red Ted Art; their motto is “Bringing Colour and Art to Childrens Hearts”.  How can you go wrong really?!? Then I had a brain wave…Back when Poppy was doing kindergym there was an activity that she really loved…Launching a bean bag using a mini catapult that you stop on.  Really it was just a piece of wood and a small bean bag.  I was told it helps balance and co-ordination.  I could team this with the chickens (Eastery theme rather than Rabbits) rather than just bean bags and hey presto…Easter gift of “Chicken Launchers” done. 

 The How to make the Chickens themselves you can go to the Red Ted Link Here.  They were really easy to make.  I made about 25 chickens and I used about 2 kilos of rice. 

Here are a few in progress shots. 

I didn’t measure just filled until they looked full enough.  Now that we have had a chance to test out the chickens, I found the ones that were on the fuller side work a bit better so fill them up.

For the Launcher itself it is so simple.  Grab a piece of wood.  I used only off cuts from my dads shed.  Each launcher need to be wide enough for your chicken to sit on (approximately 2 Inches) and about a foot and a half long.  Then cut little blocks from a thicker piece of wood and glue and screw it to the bottom of your long piece.  These need to be off centre to allow for your launcher to lean to one side.  The side that rests on the ground when there is nothing on it is the side that you place your chicken on.  The other end you stomp on to “Launch” your chicken.  I painted my launchers a bright mango orange colour and using a black sharpie drew on some basic instructions on how to use it using pictures.

This is one in action.

 I knew Poppy would love these but even Leo has worked out how to do it.  He doesn’t quite have the co-ordination to stomp it but he has worked out he can hit it with his hand and it works just as well.  He cackles hysterically every time a chicken is launched.

I’m always keen to hear any ideas you have for next year so please feel free to share.

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