Toddler Activity – Easter Cards

My daughter is now two and loves getting into my craft room.  I have set up a basket of activities for her in there.  It consists of jumbo markers, book and books of stickers, stamps and stamp pads, sticky foam shapes, scented markets and roller stamps.  She has some foam squares that she can sit on and craft away on some huge sheets of paper that I picked up from the hardware shop in the packaging aisle.  She happily sits in there with me while I am working on other things at my table however, she loves to get up at the table with me and being allowed to use my “special stuff” on the table.

With a baby due in the next four weeks, I have had to prepare for all upcoming birthdays and Easter just incase.  So, we have already sorted our Easter gifts (thank goodness the shops bring out Easter straight after Christmas although I have made a lot of handmade this year) and all of our upcoming Family birthdays there are four in just as many weeks.  For our Easter cards I let Miss Poppy have a go at crafting some toddler masterpieces.  She loves to paint but I wasn’t feeling up to the mess that comes with it so we went the clean option…

For size I wanted something that could double as a gift tag so we went with a 6×4 white card folded in half.  I then let her use a selection of Washi tapes to stick to the front. On some I stuck down some Project Life 3×4 cards to give a different background.


Once she was happy with her design, we stuck on some foam shapes from a packet I picked up from the $2 shop that consisted of rabbits, birds, flowers,hearts, stars and cupcakes.  I just let her stick them on however she liked.  She kept asking me if it was OK…I think that showed I am bit of a control freak in my craft room.  Once she realised I was letting her do what she liked she loved having free reign.  Once she was done with her stickers, I stamped on the Happy Easter Greeting and let her use glue (another treat) and sparkly stars.  She had a great time.  I know that the family will appreciate the effort and the fact that Poppy made them nearly all by herself.  There you go a quick and easy activity to do with your toddler.



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