Toddler Activities – Colour Wheels

I have blogged before about skills and activities my daughter learned when we went to Kindergym last term.  This has been put on hold due to the fact that I am at the business end of this pregnancy. However, I learnt things during this time that I hadn’t thought of before specifically fine motor skills.  Apparently, the number of children starting school that do not have the required motor skills to correctly hold a pencil is increasing.  However, the number of children that can use and Ipad is also increasing.

I am married to a high school teacher and he too says that he sees a number of children who still cannot hold a pencil properly but all children have fantastic technology skills.  Our children have very limited access to our Ipad however, I do have a few apps on my phone that are to keep them quiet and content at my multiple doctors appointments.  Being a stay at home mum I like to make my own activities for the kids.  This post is about Pincher Grip.

This is a skill that I can say as a child my brothers and I had down pat.  There were five of us so this was a skill that we used along with hitting and kicking but did you know that this skill has more to it than just self defense.  Pincher grip also helps hold a pencil to write.  I learnt at kindergym this is something a lot of kids lack these days when they start school.

A way that you can improve this is with Pegs.  Teaching a toddler how to pick things like pom poms up with pegs or clipping them onto something using only their thumb and forefinger.  I wanted to pair this activity with colours.  I am currently struggling to teach my daughter colours – toilet training was no problem that only took 5 weeks she was and it fully toilet trained before he second birthday.  But colours are proving to be a bit more challenging.  So this is what I came up with.  A colour wheel with coordinating coloured pegs.  All you need is a packet of foam sheets, some wooden pegs and some glue.


I started with the idea that I would make these out of felt but due to the cost of felt, I decided to go with foam instead. I purchased a whole packet of different coloured foam sheets for $10.


I have made five sets of these some for gifts and I still have a whole heap of the sheets left so it worked out to be much more cost effective.  All you have to do is cut a circle from your base colour.  I used a black sheet as my backing. Just trace about a plate or something to the size that you want your wheel to be and cut it out.  Continue to cut out circles from each different colour.  Cut down each coloured circle to the size you need by cutting it in half and half again. And then half again.  In my case it was eighths.  I had eight different colours. Glue all your bits to your base circle. From your scraps cut rectangles of foam to glue to your pegs.  Be generous with your glue.  Once all glued allow to dry and done.  You can now talk about colours and learn to use pincher grip.


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