Project Life – Are we actually missing the point?

I’ve been reading a lot lately about people not being able to keep up with Project Life and it got me thinking isn’t this supposed to be scrapbooking simplified? Why is it so hard for some and not for others?

Don’t get me wrong, I get behind but I never get frustrated or feel like I’m lagging behind everyone else. It’s my thing…I’ll catch up when I can. I don’t have to meet any deadlines. It’s for me and my family no one else.

I guess this is the problem with social media. We are constantly able to look at other peoples works on various blogs, pinterest and Facebook pages which rubs in how organised others are or in most cases are not. I don’t think it’s really about who is organised or not. I think it’s about what we are trying to achieve.

We wanted a simplified scrapbooking method and Becky Higgins delivered but we have lost our way trying to “bling” it up too much. Becky commented on this on one of her previous blog posts too. The point is it’s about simplifying, it’s about the photos and journalling. Getting the job done. If we spend too long looking for the right embellishment we lose, not only time but motivation to continue.

I started off one of these embellish to the ends of the earth Pocket Scrapbookers when my daughter was three weeks old. I quickly fell behind. It’s hard to find time when you are already doing so much especially being a new mum. Three quarters of the way through her first year, I realised it just wasn’t going to work. I was becoming frustrated and felt like I was failing compared to others. Then it hit me. I’m missing the point. It’s supposed to me photos and writing. My writing. My thoughts. My memories. I had to go back to basics. Journal cards and photos. (I did embellish a bit but nothing like before.) It made the whole process so much quicker and easier. I finally finished this album when she was sixteen months old.

Here are a few pages from her Album:





My son was born when my daughter was twelve months old. I took a different approach this time…one core kit, limited embellishments and one week to a single page. BAM…he was thirteen months old and the album was finished. The hardest thing about this album was the fact that I waited a few months to get photos printed on like and delivered. I didn’t want to be paying too much in postage. It did take planning though. One a week I would sit down with page templates and plan what was going where. I also wrote my journalling and slipped it in too. I would copy the necessary photos into a folder for printing later. On my template I would write a description of what photo went in what’s spot so when they arrived on the mailbox I could just slip them in the right spot. At this stage I would also use Picasa (a free photo editing program that is downloadable from Google) to collage two photos onto one 6×4. This is the cheapest way to print you 3x4s. It just requires a bit of time to cut them up when they arrive.

I’m now coming into my third go at a baby album with number three due in the next few weeks (Yep three under 2.5), to make the process just that bit easier I followed all the advice and invested in a Picturemate printer. This will save on waiting time and planning time. Can it get much simpler? The only problem I have is choosing a kit or just mix it up with what partials I already have.

I know your thinking but pages look so much better embellished and yes, they do if you have the time. But really honestly, everyone that looks at my albums looks at the pictures and what I have written. No one says it’s missing something. They are impressed that I have been able to capture life at home with two, soon to be three, children.

Here are a few of the pages from that album…





The other thing I am giving a go this year is the app. You can see the pages to date in previous posts. It’s the first time I have run two albums at the same time one traditional and one digital. It’s easy enough to keep up when the kids are occupied with giggle and hoot or tipping out all their toys and carting them all over the house.

That’s something I’m my New Years resolution…let kids be kids and stop trying to tidy up every second of the day. Take some time for yourself. Breathe, have a cuppa and sit and observe rather than say no all the time.

Another thing I read this week about time was from a friend of mine Holly Conners on her blog Simplifycreateinspire about consolidating time…maybe this can free up ten minutes to give you time to write your journal cards.

There are also some great ideas on the blog Hellotodaycreate on what is Project Life that puts out here six tips that’s makes Project Life easier.

So this is what I think….the secret to staying on top of things is to take a moment and think about what is important. For me, it’s the memories and the photos. About capturing them while they are still fresh! If these means simple then so be it. It’s done and I’m up to date! I’d rather have full simple finished albums rather than many half finished ones. That’s just me though.

What do you think?

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I am a Art maker and Memory Keeper. I am a mother of three with glitter in her veins.

One thought on “Project Life – Are we actually missing the point?”

  1. Absolutely agree. Each to their own for sure but if you are struggling and not loving it then STOP… and try simple. I am loving the app to “keep up to date” (so much more productive than that stoooooooooopid candy crush crap)… and then I am also taking Ali E’s and Cathy Z’s advice and getting back to actually telling the stories. I love this approach of being more focused on the documentation rather than the presentation. Perfect combo. Photos + Stories = Happy Me. šŸ˜‰ THIS is what Project Life was always supposed to be about.


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