Card books – saving memories other than scrapbooking

I am a memory keeper. Throughout the years I have hoarded many things…ticket stubs, magazines, books, trinkets but then in a moment decided to throw things away. Why?! I hear you ask, well because…looking back now, I thought I was too grown up to keep these things and needed to move on. I do regret it now.

I remember I had a scrapbook from the year my youngest brother was born. I was 14. That book contained ticket stubs, newspaper articles and even a photocopied hand print from my new born brother. Yes, I put him in the photocopier at my local library much to to horror of other patrons and the librarian. But I wanted to remember how small he was. There was no other way “back in the day”.

I have managed to keep the odd sentimental thing like the last birthday card my Aunty gave me before she passed away and the friendship books you passed from one person to another at high school for memories and a list of favourites to be recorded. I look back now and there are something’s I wish I kept and not thought I was too old for.

Fast forward to the reality of today and I want to keep things for my kids to remember their childhood. I know I have to be realistic, I take photos of their drawings and use the actual drawing for gift wrap. Keeps the memory for me and shares the love with the gift recipient. But not to mention saves in space and money.

However, one thing I do like to keep is their birthday cards. I love cards. I love the variety, the sea someone hand picked that card just for you, I love the messages people write, but most of all I love that they are hand written.

If you want to make this girl happy…show up with a really nice card and something special written in it. Don’t worry about the present…well actually, the present is always appreciated too.

To keep the cards grouped by birthday and child, I like to make card books. It doesn’t take long or many materials and is a nice thing to have to look back on. Each of my kids birthdays have been themed to far so I decorate to the theme of the party. All you have to do is get some cardboard (I use card that has generally come out of some sort of packaging), cut it to the size of your largest card, decorate ( I used an invitation, gift wrap and ribbon from some of the presents plus little things from the party) then bind them all together. I used to bind them with ring but recent I have changed to twine. They store flatter and because they aren’t being looked at often it’s a great alternative.

Here’s a few examples: do note: Poppy’s name moved slightly before the glue dried but oh well.




I love these books. I have a special box just for them. I can tell you now, they won’t be thrown away, in my lifetime anyways.

You can see more of my card books on my Pinterest board called Mine. I’m @krisy5. Feel free to pin away and let me know what you think.


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I am a Art maker and Memory Keeper. I am a mother of three with glitter in her veins.

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