Project Life – Pregnancy documentation

It’s no secret, I am pregnant. Have been for the last 31 weeks or so and for the third time in just as many years. Yep, we’re those people you walk past in the shops and think “They need to get a TV!” It wasn’t meant to be that way but a struggle to get pregnant means you take what you can get when you can get it. We always wanted our children to be close together anyways.

I didn’t have the initial desire to document this pregnancy however the memory keeper in me still took the belly photos and kept diary notes about developments. I knew I would one day want to document this (last?!?) Pregnancy but the horrid morning sickness left me no desire to do it right now. That is until I read a friends blog post about documenting her pregnancy through the Project Life App. Holly is pro digital all the way. You can have a look at her album here.

Digital didn’t cross my mind because quite frankly I had no interest in it at all. That is until I downloaded the app and actually gave it a go. It is simple and quick, looks effective and will take up much less space than a traditional album. I am currently undertaking my 2015 Project Life album as digital you can read about that process here.

So, I made the decision that now is the time to put those photos into order and start baby #3 album. I have skipped a title page at this stage. We opted not to find out the gender of the baby so I will add this once the baby is born and has a name. I have decided to use one kit for this section of the album, might change it up once the baby comes along. I have used the Maggie Holmes Styleboard Mini Kit which is available in the app. It has a nice mix of pinks and blues plus a bit of gender neutral.

I haven’t taken a week by week approach, I think that’s a bit of overkill. However, I have been taking week by week photos from 29 weeks onwards. I want to see if I can see the baby ‘drop.’ Apparently other people noticed this with my previous pregnancies but I didn’t and only took photos every couple of weeks. This page is yet to be finished, so that will be to come in future posts. I divided the monotony of ‘fat’ photos by trimesters and scans with other bits and pieces thrown in. I would have loved to document all three pregnancies with beautiful photos holding a chalkboard documenting the weeks but in real life, I have a husband who isn’t too fussed on the details and just wants the prize. So, with this in mind it must be known that I have taken the majority of these photos myself and only on my iPhone. The quality might not be there but the memory is. Better than nothing right?!?

This is my process so far.









If you have any photo ideas for documenting the last stages of pregnancy or a baby please let me know.


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I am a Art maker and Memory Keeper. I am a mother of three with glitter in her veins.

3 thoughts on “Project Life – Pregnancy documentation”

  1. Looks awesome. Love the fruit comparisons at the start. It’s far too much to do every week. Save that for baby documenting 😉 gosh you’re going to have your hands full. Super mum.


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