Woodlands Themed Birthday

Our daughter is lucky enough to share her birthday with Christmas Eve.  Since the day she was born my husband and I made the conscious decision that Christmas Eve was a day about her.  We make sure we do limited “Christmasy” things that day.  Some family members struggle to understand this and still try to organise family Christmas get togethers for this day but we don’t go.  Some people still get upset but its Poppy day and this takes priority.  It isn’t Christmas until the 25th so all Christmas stuff can wait.

We also have a party for her the weekend before her birthday.  We do it on the weekend because the weekend works for most people but again Christmas commitments usually limits the number of people who can actually attend.  I love planning kids birthdays.  Since she was born I have looked forward to her birthday parties and spend the whole year collecting more than enough party bits to make the day special for her.

Last year her theme was Ribbons, Frills and Bows.  The colours were pastel purple and pink. (Unfortunately a problem with my computer left me with only about 15 photos of the day out of about 100) Here is one that I managed to save thanks to Social Media. I must note that the cake is totally last minute home made.  My cake maker went into hospital the week before the party and it was a bit late to arrange another.


This year the theme was Woodland.  The colours I chose was red with white polka dots.  I used Etsy to pick out an invitation that went with my theme. I recommend Etsy for all your invitation needs.  Especially if you want something a little bit fancier that what anyone can throw together in Word. The party itself was mainly family and a few friends so the food was basic finger food (cheese and crackers, sandwiches, chips) and then we had a little BBQ.

This is my food table set up….


I also make this little sign to put at the front gate with Balloons.  Its made from an old fence pailing that I saved from my dads wood heap.  I plan on using this for all future parties.


I also like to make bunting to suit.  Last years is now hanging in my daughters bedroom.  I think this one will find its way into my craft studio.


I also make a special hat from the basic party hats that everyone else gets to wear.  This year I went a bit more simple because lets face it, it only gets worn for photos.  It is not practical for a two year old to wear a hat on a jumping castle.


The last detail that I want to share is the the party bags. I made the tags from slices to tree branch and using a soldering iron, burnt in the names and added a little wood ladybug.  I figure these can be used as Christmas decorations too.


I almost forgot the cake….This year I asked my dads friend to make a cake for me.  He was a cake maker in a past life and made the most amazing cake ever. It looked so real and no one wanted to cut it.  Unfortunately, he has told everyone that he won’t be making anymore cakes and he “doesn’t have the hands for it any more” and he did this one for a “Special Little Girl”.  I am still hoping he might change his mind in future. Or at least teach me how to make them. The acrylic name is from Ollie Room.


Poppy had a wonderful day.  I haven’t decided on next years theme yet but our little Man is one this week so keep an eye out for his birthday post. If you want to see some more inspiration feel free to have a look at my Pinterest board – Poppys birthday ideas.  My Pinterest is Krisy5.

I am just waiting on Studio Calico scrapbooking kit to put together some scrapbooking pages of this day. So keep an eye out for this in coming blog posts too.

Just one final picture…She was a bit over photos by this stage but I promise she had a great day.

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