Digital scrapbooking…my thoughts

I recently (a few weeks ago) downloaded the Becky Higgins Project Life app. For those that don’t know Project Life is a form of pocket scrapbooking that claims to simplify the process of scrapbooking and allow you to record your memories quicker thus taking up less time in your life. It does this by using pocket page protectors and pre printed journal/filler cards. All you have to do is slip your photos into the pockets along with your choice of cards. It really is simple and can be jazzed up with embellishments. I have hesitated to use it because I like traditional scrapbooking.

I’ll admit, it took me a while of procrastination to give pocket scrapbooking a go when a friend (Holly from suggested it to me just before my daughter was born but I love it now. I guess I don’t like fads and wanted to make sure it was going to stick around before making the change and then finding you can’t purchase the products anymore. It turns out Holly has just been named on the 2015 creative team for Project Life so it’s fair to say she loves it and made me love it too.

The other thing is I like embellishing. I like the dimension it adds and the detail but it does take up space. It makes your albums thicker therefore you use more space storing your albums. I have the space at the moment but in five years there won’t be.

The other thing is with two children under two and another one due in the next 8 or so weeks I don’t get the time or really have the energy to spend a lot of time scrapbooking – alone! That’s another thing…the kids are happy to play at my feet while I sit on the couch and look at things on the internet or watch TV but try and do something else like cooking, craft or even cleaning and they change. Just the way that gizmos change into gremlins if you feed the after dark my children do this if they sense that you actually want to do something else other than adore them.

Queue digital scrapbooking…I’ll admit a lot of photos I take on my iphone anyway so I can sit and put together pages on one device while the kids think I’m just looking at things that won’t interest them. I can sit and use various apps to “embellish” all while still being within arms reach. Plus I can just save the pages and have them printed at a later date (when there are specials) into a slimline photo book that will take up a quarter of the space a traditional album would. They may be a bit dear to print but I think of all the savings on photos, cards and embellishments and its probably far cheaper.

So, while the kids slept after a tiring family morning, I sat down and gave it a go. At first I thought this is going to take forever. I kept pressing the wrong things and having to start over but once I worked it out it was easy. I managed to embellish too. The only catch is you can’t do too much fancying in the Project Life app. You have to save the card and then load it into whichever app you want to use, save it again and then load it back into the Project Life app. I used an app called “Letter Glow” as well as the Fatmumslim app called “Little Moments” to embellish this page.

So the verdict is I like digital scrapbooking through this app. It’s simple and effecting. It does the job and I have recorded a memory almost immediately before I forget. This being said I don’t love it – yet. I’m not committing to make the change to full digital just yet but I may have to cut back in my card collections soon to save them collecting dust.

I am going to give the concept of Project Life weekly memory preservation a go in 2015 using this app but I will finish my sons first year album the traditional Project Life way. As for the new baby well I have a few months to decide yet.

Here’s my fist page. Do let me know your thoughts.



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I am a Art maker and Memory Keeper. I am a mother of three with glitter in her veins.

2 thoughts on “Digital scrapbooking…my thoughts”

  1. Welcome to the dark side 😉 I never expected to venture into digi either but now I couldn’t be without it. I love the clean look, and the space saving part. You’ve rocked your first page.


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