I’m back….

Ugh…Morning Sickness! Whoever decided that was the best name for it was lucky to only have it in the morning.  I have to admit I was pretty lucky with my previous three pregnancies and the sickness was pretty mild but this one has made up for them all. Morning sickness has now passed and it has turned into crafting mojo.

I love crafty stuff but with two children under two, I spent a lot of time thinking and even dreaming about what I want to create but not actually getting it out of my head.  I am now well and truly into the second trimester and my ideas are now getting out of my head.

I have been doing the Scrap TV card swaps run by Dawn Lewis (see Scrap TV on Facebook for this months swap) for about a year now but just making standard cards.  With my new found mojo I am now getting more creative.  Stepping out of the standard comfort zone I found myself stuck in and making more wild designs.  My most recent swap cards were to the theme of “Circle”.  Somewhere on your card you had to include something with a circle.  This could be patterned paper, punched shapes or stamps.  I decided to go with punched shapes, bright colours and something that is very in at the moment….stitching. Now that the swaps a done, I can share my finished product.

242 243


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I am a Art maker and Memory Keeper. I am a mother of three with glitter in her veins.

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