Announcing number three

We recently announced that we are expecting out third child. I wanted to do the usual photo announcement to let everyone know.

With the announcement of our second, we had our daughter sitting with the iPad on her lap displaying a photo of the scan. She was only about seven months old and happily sat smiling.

This time I wanted to include both children. I trawled trusty Pinterest for inspiration. It looked easy enough. I then thought, right I’m ready to do this.

On a day that was relatively morning sickness free, I set up a makeshift studio on the back deck where the light is really good for taking photos. I set the kids down then started with the stupid thing that all mums do….”Smile. Look at mummy.! Over here. Sit down. Smile.” I kid you not, about 150 photos later, I gave up. Whatever I had, was it. I was over it. I would have to make do.

Let me tell you it is hard to get two kids to co operate for the split second it takes to take a photo as well as keep your cool and not let the urge to throw up get the better of you. I can only imagine what my neighbours were thinking as they were digging about in their garden on the other side of the back fence. I’m sure they already think I’m crazy and this would have cemented that thought.

I am marking this exercise as a partial Pinterest fail. I did get a few that were ok but nothing that screams at me as awesome. Not a complete fail but not a success either.

Here are a few of the fails….


And here is the announcements we went with. The second was sent to family. It turned out to be a bit cryptic for some so, I went with something more obvious for social media announcement so I wouldn’t have to answer a million questions.



My advice for anyone attempting this…have two people to help, be patient and DON’T have high expectations. It makes for a better story in the end and shows the kids personalities.

Here’s another fail…look how happy they look.



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I am a Art maker and Memory Keeper. I am a mother of three with glitter in her veins.

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