Another Pinterest Project…Inital hooks


Another Pinterest project that I recently finished was Letter wall hooks for the kids to hang their dressing gowns on. This was an easy one the hardest thing is deciding colours and patterned papers. For my daughters Christening I had already decorated a letter to sit on the table next to her cake so it was good to find another use for this rather than just sitting on her very full “special” shelf in her room.  I just had to add the hook and hang it.

Here is the idea from Pinterest.

To put this one together I purchased a pre cut Kaisercraft letters in the required initial.  These are also available at stores like Spotlight, Bunnings and I have even seen them in some dollar stores.  These are available in different sizes and sometimes different fonts.  Once you have your letters its now the hard part…choosing paper. It’s down to personal taste this one.  I used scrapbooking paper.  It’s nice and thick plus I have a fair bit of it hoarded.

Once you have chosen your paper, trace your letter onto the paper.  You can do this on the reverse side of the paper if you like but I just used a pencil and erased the lines before sticking it to my letter.  Then choose a paint colour that will compliment your chosen paper.  I just used Acrylic paint.  Paint the sides of the letter.  You don’t have to be neat.  One side will be attached to the wall and the other will be covered with the paper.  While this is drying, cut out your traced letter from your paper. Glue your cut out letter to the front of your letter. For a bit of shine and to seal it all I added a layer of Modge Podge over the whole letter front and sides.

Finally add your hook.   I wanted to use vintage style hooks to fit with the style of our house.  I couldn’t find any that I liked at the hardware store so I ordered cheap ones of eBay.   At a dollar a hook you can’t go wrong right!? Well, it did make finding a screw to fit the shape of the hook a bit hard.  In the end, I used long gold nails and clipped off the long bit from the back.   It does the job and looks pretty good I think.  To fix these to the wall I just used 3M tape that you usually use to stick the hooks to the wall.  My kids are currently sharing a room so I wanted the hook to be relocatable once they can go into their separate rooms downstairs.

 Another easy project done. 



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