Guest Canvas…inspired by Pinterest

I have to admit I am a bit of a Pinterest addict.  I think its because it’s a visual medium.  I like that you don’t have to think about what you are looking at.  If you don’t like something you just keep scrolling.  If you do like something or think it will come in handy later, you just Pin it and add it to your collection of boards.  That’s it. You don’t have to do anything right there in that moment because it will always be there later for you to come back to.

I always go to Pinterest for inspiration when I am looking for ideas.  It has everything you can imagine. I have thousands of ideas pinned for future reference.  I am happy to admit that I don’t just pin and never come back.  I regularly revisit the ideas that I have pinned and attempt to create my own master pieces from my pins. If you would like to have a look at all my pins look me up….krisy5.

This post is about one of my recent successful Pinterest projects.  For my daughters Christening last year, I painted a canvas that looked like a tree and everyone stamped their fingerprints as the leaves. It turned out great but it was a bit messy on the day.  Plus a lot of people were hesitant to stick their fingers on an ink pad.  I have no idea why?! (I had wet ones ready to clean it off.) This is it…

IMG_0639 (2)


So, this year when it came to  my sons’ Christening I wanted to do a canvas too but not with finger prints.  Queue Pinterest.  These are the two Pinterest ideas that I really liked and used as my inspiration.

Other things

On the day of the Christening it was a lot easier.  My brothers girl friend kindly went around and asked everyone to write their name on a pre cut circle.  No ink, no wet ones and no one hesitated.  It was important for me that the guest write their own name so as to record the individual hand writings. 

Then a month after the Christening, I finally got around to making the canvas. I used the hot air balloon idea teamed up with the balloons.  I completely hand drew the basket then painted the background and the basket and glued on the name circles.  One thing that I didn’t plan was what was going to go in the basket.  At first I thought that I would leave it empty but it looked strange. So, I put the project away and thought I will come back to it when I work out what I was going to do.

By chance, the next week I was at my local fabric shop and as I was walking out the iron on patches caught my eye.  There was a little dog in a pocket.  It was perfect. Just as I was thinking it’s a shame it is not a lion (my son’s name is Leo) and there it was. A Lion poking out of a pink pocket behind the dog one.  It was perfect.  I took it home, cut the pink pocket off and stuck it to my canvas.  It was like I painted the basket to fit the lion.  This was a complete fluke but perfect.  A tip for anyone who wants to do something like this, I would recommend a bit of planning because the chances of finding something to fit a hand drawn basket again is definately slim to NONE!

 Add a few fluffy cloud stickers I scored on an online garage site and some thickers….Done!  This is the finished canvas.  I am really happy with the way it turned out.  Success!

149 (2) 151 (2)

Another thing about Pinterest that I love is the Pinterest fails.  Go and Google it.  You will laugh.  Even my husband, (who knows nothing about Pinterest except that I am often trawling it while he is sitting on the opposite couch yelling at the football on Tv on a Friday night) really enjoys the fails.  This is our favourite and we often bring it up at random times and laugh.  I think its the teeth that just make it.



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